Suset and Jesus

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I know I know I know…. its been since forever that I have had a chance to blog. Its been a crazy in 211 and 2012. Not only did we do 28 events last year, but I gave birth to the most perfect little boy! He is the pride and joy of my life and it has been the most amazing experience I have ever had. Needless to say I’ve been a tad busy so I have not had the chance to blog in a long while but I’m back at it. There have been sooooo many amazing events in the last year I dont even know where to start but here is one of my favorites, Suset and Jesus’ wedding which we put together in less than 6 months! Martha and Jesus Ramirez from UDS Photo captured these great images! As always, thank you so very very very much UDS Photo.

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The wedding ceremony took place at Coral Gables Congregational Church and at the Beautiful Biltmore Hotel. Thanfully it was such a beautiful day. Being that October is so unpredictable, we were blessed with bright blue skies and great weather. It was a tad hot, Im not going to lie but I rather it be hot than rainy! We had guests and the Bridal party walking across the street to the church so great weather was a huge relief!

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What girl doesn’t love a little bling, well okay fine ALOT of bling? … lol

Las damas y los caballeros =)

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Suset getting herself ready to meet the man of her dreams down the aisle. I helped her with her dress, she had about what seemed to be a thousand buttons in the back lol. Anything for my “bruji” (a nickname we call each other- come to think of it Im not even sure how we came up with it…). I am so thankful to have such a unique relationship with my brides. Its something I look forward to and enjoy throughout and after the wedding.

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Suset and Her Hubby Jesus took a couple of minutes to take pictures at the church just them too. Its such a special moment and really just about the only couple of un-interupted, silent, and peaceful alone time that they have for the rest of the night. The couple left in their car (one of my “favs” I ust add) back to the hotel where the party was already on its way, and did this crowd know how to party!

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HUGE Kudos to the design team- this was not-so-simple undertaking! Rick Interian, Yani, and the Team at Avant Gardens did a spectacular job in the decor of this wedding. Suset wanted something “different and unique”… honestly most brides want that too. Suset was so great in letting us “run” with our ideas. W wanted to something that was a huge wow factor but still keeping in mind that she wanted it not to look “over done”. We knew exactly what she wanted and with her giving us creating freedom, this is what came of it. The base of the tall centerpiece in the middle of the clover table was covered in hydrangeas and curly willow and dendrobium orchid sprays flourished the top of the design. Any table with such “top heavy” decor needs a strong floral base to compliment it. A combination of roses, hydrangeas, orchids, and callas were placed in a lush design to balance the center of this massive 18 guests table. Each of the tables also had their own centerpiece- this is a very important part of  THIS table design. Of course candles were used throughout for lighting and to give the element of romance that this bride wanted in her reception. The Alhambra ballroom is so stunning that simple, saturated lighting can make a great impact.

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The round tables in the clover clusters were dressed in ivory ruffle linens and complimented with gold chivari chairs. The 8 foot royal tables were dressed in a gold and ivory modern damask pattern and ivory chameleon chairs. The royal table design was a long centerpiece as a runner on the table matching the lush floral design on the clover tables. The third table design was a smaller and a bit different version of the large center design in the clover tables. It all flowed perfectly and looked absolutely stunning!

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The couple shared their first dance and family formalities at the beginning of the night in order to make sure that right after dinner it was time to party! hey partied until the morning hours. We had a blast planning this wedding. Thank you Bruji for trusting in me and the team so much. Te quiero!

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As always, I HAVE to give credit to every one who was such an important part in making this wedding day dream come true. I am HUGE believer in You are as good as the individuals in your team”. So here it goes! To the Biltmore Hotel staff, Bruce Barbaree and Deborah Scherling – my dear friends and ultimate wedding gurus, Martha and Jesus Ramirez from UDS Photo, Rick Interian, Yani, and ALL of the Avant Gardens Team, Leo Espinosa and his team at DVP Studios, The very talented Rosie Cunil at Elegant Temptations, Nuage Designs for manufacturing the most amazing items for us to be able to rent for our events, Ubi Merrero aka “Jubes” for mixing his latin beats, and all of the other people who work so hard with us, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hugs <3

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  1. Nancy says:

    Wowwww Jackie the decor in this wedding is breathtaking! I am such a fan of your work! I am so glad to hear that you are back to blogging. I have been following your blog for years. I cannot wait to be a Jackie Oh Bride, I might just call you before I tell my friends Im getting married lol.

  2. Faith says:

    Beautiful! With Jackie, UDS, and Avant Gardens…you cannot go wrong! Forever a fan!

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