Stephanie & Josh

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Talk about a wedding with true style and unique elements! It was something straight out of “Style Me Pretty“. Stephanie and Josh’s wedding was inspired by the ornate and whispie designs of MacKenzie Childs. The black and white checkered pattern, burnt ivories, funky patterns, and unique elements (which is a reflection of each design she creates) was the perfect style combination for this wedding.  MacKenzie Childs has the most amazing way of designing everything from furniture to china making each piece a one of a kind hand made collectible. Stephanie’s Mom, Chris is a phenomenal interior designer with a great love for MacKenzie Childs; Working along side her was such a great experience for me. Welcome to a wedding that we will ALL never forget. From our 5-course wine pairing menu consisted of 45 plates per person and hand picked wines from all over the world to our experience through the. I hope you enjoy the blog as I walk you threw this one of kind wedding experience.

Amy Hill, thank you so very much for all of these great images! As always it was a great pleasure working along side with you on this wedding. Please visit her website by clicking HERE.

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Meet Stephanie and Josh! They are the cutest! Stephanie is smiling next her flower girl which was 6 going on 36 years old. She was such a little funny adult. The flower girl came up to me in the middle of the getting ready and said, “Jackie, I don’t think I want a big wedding. I want to marry a wealthy business man who will not want a big wedding.”  How do you not laugh at that? Josh is sitting with their two dogs who were part of the getting ready process- they hung out with the boys in the guest house. =) The bridesmaids and moms got ready in the main house – in the master bedroom which by the way had the cutest Christmas tree by the bed! Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. =)

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Stephanie’s mom is a true design genius! Her house is beyond amazing. He design style is amazing and so unique! It seriously belongs in a magazine. We didn’t have to do much to the home, but Chris decked it out for the holidays as she always does. Valet greeted the guests at the front gate of the home and the ceremony was slated to take place just a few feet away. All of the guests were escorted to the family room as it poured down rain about 10 minutes before we were about to start. The craziest thing is that every weather channel and website said it was going to be a beautiful day and a clear evening. A beautiful day it was however the evening – not so much! I remember standing outside getting ready for the processional when I heard “it’s raining” through my ear phones. The first thing I thought to myself was “get upstairs and calm the bride and her mom down”. I ran upstairs to keep the gang calm and they were having a blast- laughing the rain away! It was great!

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We moved the guests back out to the ceremony once the rain had stopped (and we had cleaned off the chairs) but with out luck, it started raining again. This happened about 4 times before we prepared to do the ceremony in the family room. As soon as we were about to start, the rain cleared, we took out a ton of umbrellas just in case we had another little surprise and we went on with the ceremony. The aisle runner was soaked but the bride laughed it off and did not let it get to her. My type of bride! As you can see Alisha and I were soaked and trying to make the best out of the situation. We were so happy we got the bride down the aisle. Now to our air-conditioned tent- Phew!

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Giant flocked Christmas Trees were placed around the outside of the home and inside the tent. The largest of the trees was our place card tree. Chris found a small company that would be able to make these very unique place cards. Each one was one of a kind as a hand made clay piece was added to each place card for guests to keep and put on their Christmas tree.  The sounds of one of my favorite Singers Don Juceam and his Swing Orchestra from Tampa Florida played as the guests walked into the tent. All of the tables were dressed in black and white. The center pieces were tall iron bird cages with custom platforms for pillar candles. White and yellow flowers were placed at the base of the arrangements to finish off the table scape. The amount of stemware and flatware was impressive as we have a 5 course wine pairing menu. It was the most extensive menu I had ever seen! Each course had at least three small bites of different items all within the Italian flairs. Absolutely delisio-s0!

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A Little Lady and the Tramp Moment that Amy Hill Captured. Below is a picture of a line up of one our courses about to be serve to the guests. Looks yummy huh? Any time you can get creative and unique- go for it! The menu is such a great way to make your wedding memorable. If your wedding is at a hotel or with a caterer, do not settle for something in a pre-set menu provided to you. Ask  to sit with the catering manager or the chef and explore your options in making the wedding more reflective of you and your fiance. The time you put into this will really pay off. Your guests will love how different the menu was and it will be yet another thing they keep talking about far after the wedding is over. This couple really enjoyed the various flavors of a great Italian menu so we put all of their favorite things in mini plates and served them throughout the evening. there were more than 45 plates per person! Wow! Talk about a lot of rentals. I was the lucky one who went through all of the racks of rentals to make sure it was all there. It took me more than 2 hours to go through it all.

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Go G-A-T-O-R-S! Talk about Gator Fans! The parents of the bride go to every single Gators game home or away. Our wedding planning was revolved around their season schedule. At the wedding there were so many tuxedo shirts that had the Gators logo on the back of their shirts – how cute is that?  The guests partied the night away to the sounds of a great DJ but they were real party animals. We had such a great time watching them. The rain could not stop this wedding from bring an absolute blast! Im so happy I was able to be part of it. I would not have changed a thing! Well, a clear evening would have been a good bonus =)

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Thank you very much to Chris, Stephanie, and Josh. It was so great working with you on your very special day. Amy Hill thank you again for the amazing pics! Don Juceam Florida’s Own Frank Sinatra is beyond amazing! He has the most amazing voice- you would think ood Ole rank was singing right infront of you. Flowers- Rick Interian and Avant Gardens. Absolutely awesome Ricki!  Rentals: Panache Classic Party Rentals and Over the Top. Individual Table Cakes from Mishas. Table Cake Plates from McCkenzie Childs.

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