Pamela & Cesar

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Pamela and Cesar will always be very dear to my heart. If you were to spend 3 minutes with this couple, you would know how crazy  they are about each other. There were smiles and laughs throughout the planning, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Pamela and I had a blast planning the wedding, I will always hold those memories dear. Love you Pam!

To Rodrigo Varela and his staff, thank you so much for being so great to work with and taking these awesome pics. Amazing!!!!!!  Click HERE for Rorigo’s Post of this wedding. =)

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Now, to the details of the wedding… Pamela and Cesar’s wedding rehearsal was on Thursday evening at Epiphany Catholic Church. The next evening, my staff and I were present at the Biltmore Hotel as all of their guests arrived to take shuttle busses to Fisher Island for the welcome party. One by one, they all got on the shuttles and after 45 minutes, they were off to enjoy a night on the beautiful island.  I was the last to leave and I remember being on the Ferry and rolling the window down hoping it wasn’t too cold for their outdoor reception. It was perfect weather however nothing could have prepared me for the next day’s weather surprise. Pamela walked up to me at the welcome dinner and said, “Our Univision meteorologists are saying that tomorrow will be the coldest it has been in Miami since the 60’s”. Poor thing, she was so concerned, but I simply told her not to worry; We are going to have a perfect day regardless of whatever happens with mother nature. =) We laughed and went on enjoying the the night. I was right, it was beyond PERFECTION starting with the Bride. She was absolutely stunning!

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I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Cesar  Conde and Mrs. Pamela Silva-Conde.

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Although it was the coldest day in over 40 years, it didn’t stop us from having a magical wedding. Pamela took her fur, wrapped it around herself, and was ready to go. The ceremony was gorgeous. As the guests walked in, they all had on their long winter coats and fur jackets. For a minute, you had to remind yourself you were in Miami. Monsignor performed a beautiful ceremony in which many shared tears of joy and tons of smiles for the happy couple. Shortly after, the guests were on their way to the gorgeous Biltmore Hotel as the Bridal Party took pictures with the bride and groom.

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As the guests arrived to the Biltmore Hotel they were escorted to the cocktail hour which took place in the Granada Ballroom. It was so cute; everything was in shades of soft green and bright pinks. The guests were then escorted to the Country Club Ballroom for the dinner and dancing, well the first part of the dancing at least. The ballroom was extremely elegant. Vivian Gonzalez of Vivian’s Petals knew exactly what Pamela was looking for. She wanted the ballroom to be very elegant, all in off white with hints of blush and pink. Pamela loved the idea of interchanging centerpieces. on the tables on the perimeter of the ballroom, the centerpieces consisted of monochromatic bouquets of flowers and on the tables lining the center of the room, Vivian created an eclectic design of callas, candles, and bouquets of phalaenopsis orchids. The lighting int he ballroom was a soft amber and floral patterned gobos were placed on the far sides of the room; It further enhanced the romance in the room.

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The night was young as the guests enjoyed their 4-course meal while mingling and enjoying the tequila luge. Ice luges are such a great and fun way to bring life to the bars. Adults turn into teenagers again which enhances the entire wedding experience. Once dinner was over, Cesar got on the stage and thanked all of his guests for joining them on such a wonderful celebration. He also surprised his new wife with a 60 minute performance from her favorite artist, Willy Chirino and his orchestra. The dance floor was packed as he gave a great show. Emelio Estafan even got on stage and played the bongos for one of hits hit songs.

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Once the reception was over, guests were escorted into the Danielson Gallery for an after-party to rival ALL after parties. The Vallerie Tyson Band  and  DJ Ubi Merrero rocked out on stage as the guests partied the night away. We served midnight snacks consisting of desserts on loli-pops and Cesar’s all time-favorite Sir Pizza. All in all, it was a wedding all of their friends and families would remember forever. I will always remember the smiles on their faces as my new friend’s Cesar and Pamela were beyond overjoyed with their special day.

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For the privacy of the couple and the esteemed guests whom attended the wedding, there are limited pictures that I  posted. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and a glimpse in what was one of the most spectacular weddings of 2010. Click HERE to see Pamela and Cesar’s Wedding Trailer by A Pico Studio.

Pamela and Cesar’s wedding  was Published as a 6-page spread  in the May 2010 Issue of Selecta Magazine. They named the wedding, “La Boda del Ano” ,The Wedding of the Year. I couldn’t agree more! I was so excited they chose my favorite picture of Pamela for the front Cover. Congrats Lovelies. =)

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Pamela and Cesar, Thank you so much for allowing me to work along side you as you planned your wedding day. It was such a great experience, it hardly felt like work. Your family and friend’s are so great! Im so glad to have met them. Pamela since the moment we met, it was like I had found a long lost friend. You’re adorable and I love you! To all of the vendors who worked so hard to make this day so magical, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. To Fransesca Diego, Bruce Barabree, Deborah Howard, Alex, Luis, and Luisandro from the Biltmore Hotel, Rodrigo Varela for Rodrigo Varela Photography, Armando Pico for A Pico StudioAna Paz Cakes, DJ Ubi Merrero, Vivian Gonzalez of Vivian’sPetals, Willy Chirino and his orchestra, Jenny and Omar for EventUS, Vallerie Tyson and her Band, Color Me Photo, and the greatest Sir Pizza Delivery man, thank you thank you thank you. =) Last but NOT least to Alicia and Jessie from Jackie Ohh… My Girls – I don’t even know how to tell you how much I love you =).

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    It was THE wedding event of the year. Amazing job Jackie… The images speak for themselves…

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