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Monica and Alex will always have a place in my heart and in my funny bone… to say that we had a blast planning their wedding is an understatement. Sure we had moments of seriousness like when Monica and I had to talk Alex wanting to do a pig roast and convincing him not to come dressed as Elvis for the reception. As I am writing this , Im laughing just thinking of the many memorable moments we shared especially at the wedding. Putting this design together was not an easy task as Monica and Alex trusted me with their eyes closed and loved all of my ideas. The crazier the ideas were, the more liked them… My type of clients =) Welcome to what was one of the longest and most tedious reception decor set ups of the year.

Thank you SO SO So Much to Martha and Jesus Ramirez for UDS Photo who captured these spectacular images below. Love them ALL as always!

The day was ideal. Everything ran smooth, perfectly on time, and the weather gods were great to us! These two are so in love and they were so genuinely happy, it made us even more excited for the big day to come. Doesn’t she look gorgeous??? I loved everything about the bride! The ceremony was in the evening at The Church of the little Flower in Coral Gables and it went off without a hitch.

Soon after the ceremony ended, guests started arriving at the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel in Brickell. The guests were escorted to the main ballroom floor. Before entering the foyer, they were greeted by this magnificent place card table design in the sky bridge. Monica loved every single color in the rainbow so we took her favorite colors and brought them together for the wedding. Since the main color was plum and silver, we accent it with red for the place card table. Oversized domes of pave roses sat atop cylindrical  bamboo structures. Tons of rose petals were placed on the table the place cards were lined along the edges. Candles were placed on the table as well as on the ledge of the sky bridge. This table scape was such a great wow factor and just a little taste of what was to come.

Where do I start? There are so many details involved in the this reception which makes me love it more and more. The table layout was really clever. We did two sets of clover tables, 4 royals, and 16 rounds with a white dance floor and stage in the center of the room. The clover and round reception tables were dressed in a deep plum dupioni table cloth by AB Covers. Each chiavari chair had a sash draped vertically. We hand tied each sash with a square crystal broach that Monica’s mom was able to find with one of her contacts in China. We waited for over three months to get those broaches but it was so worth it! It was daring but I used a cranberry cushion to bring in a bit of that dark burgundy pink that we used in the flowers. When it was all put together it was beyond perfection! The design on the clover tables were super intense; they had to be. Since it was the center of each side of the ballroom, we had to make that centerpiece the tallest and most outrageous. A 6 1/2 foot chandelier consisting of thousands of hand-strung orchids was placed in the center. It took three men on top of the tables in order to put this “monster” up (imagine, we had to do this twice…). At the base was an intense design of hydrangeas, tulips, orchids, hyacinth,and roses. The design spilled out to the round tables into a cluster of candles and even more flowers.  Thanks to the floral designer who put this all together. Eli, for EC Florals thank you for not running for the hills when i told you m ideas and for going above and beyond.

The tablescape on the royals was an eclectic design of various height glassware, monochromatic groupings of flowers, tons of candles and loose crystals. We used a pewter dupioni cloth on these tables for a variance in color and plus. it had to balance all of the color in the room. Finally, the third design consisted of  tall goblet vases with a mixed flower design spilling out of the mouth. Hanging from the vases was burgundy amaranthus,one of my favorite “flowers” to use.

After the bride and groom cut the absolutely stunning cake that Rosie Cunil for Elegant Temptations made,  we whisked Monica away for a couple of minutes as she changed into her after party dress. She entered the ballroom ready to party the night away with the sounds of Carlos Oliva y Los Sbrinos Del Jues and Jorge for Vision Djs. At midnight we brought in dancers, drummers, and silt walkers to do one of the craziest Hora Locas Miami had ever seen.  There was confetti all over the dance floor as the guests went wild. As you can Alex is not shy. Check him out below…. Gotta love him! =)

Martha took the couple for 10 minutes at the end of the night to take great shots of them by the fountain in the lobby. These are some of my favorite pictures of them that night.

Here I am with the Bride, Groom, my three girls Jessica, Alicia, and Sari, and Paola from the Four Seasons Miami. Monica and Alex, words cannot describe how happy I am with the outcome of the wedding. I will never forget everything from our first meeting to the tasting. Every time I go to Epcot, I’m gonna go to Canada and have the cheese and beer soup we had the chef from the hotel make for the app.. I will always love you guys! A huge thank you to my girls, you are my life-line, Paola from the Four Seasons,  Martha and Jesus Ramirez and Janet from Unique Design Studios, Ray and Jessica Roman with Ray Roman Films, Rosie Cunil for Elegant Temptations, Eli from EC Foral Design, Ana for AB Cover Designers Carlos Olivia y Los Sobrinos Del Jues, Jorge from Vision Djs, Katy Castro and all of the other vendors that were such an intricate part of putting this wedding together. I am one in a large team and I cannot do what I do without you all. For more information about this wedding, the vendors involved, and details of this event, please contact me.

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  1. Monica says:


    Where do I even begin? Unlike most brides you probably come across, I never grew up with a clear vision of what my wedding would look like. But I did know I wanted it to be something big, unique, modern, FUN, and a true reflection of my husband and me. Thanks to you, our wedding turned out to be more spectacular that I ever could have imagined. From our very first phone conversation, I knew I would be in good hands. With your unexeplainable ability to remember every little detail that must get done, I never had to worry about anything. I always knew you had everything taken care of. And knowing I could rely on you for anything – from what color the napkins should be, to convincing my husband-to-be that roasted pigs are better reserved for family gatherings and Noche Buena – helped me stay relaxed during such an important time in my life. To my friends’ and family’s amazement, the morning of my wedding, I was more relaxed and care-free than I had been the entire year we spent planning the wedding. When asked how I could be so calm, only one answer came to mind – I know Jackie is taking care of everything, so the only thing I have to think about is how happy I am to be marrying the love of my life. It’s a euphoric feeling that all bride’s should be so luck to have.

    But above of everything, your creative vision gives much to be admired. Some people work years and years to become masters in their field. Others are born masters and, with a little work, can acheive perfection every time. You definitely fall under the second category. You once expressed your gratitude to us for giving so much creative leeway on something as important as our wedding to someone so young. But age has nothing to do with it. When you got it, you got it, and there are some things that years of experience can never teach. I will never forget the way I felt when I walked into that reception room for the first time. I know you hear it all the time, but it really was the most beautiful reception I had ever seen!

    Looking back at our wedding, there is not one single thing we can point to that went wrong. In essence, our wedding was PERFECT! And all because we had the perfect wedding planner 🙂

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us create the most spectacular wedding we could have ever hoped for!

    Love always,

    Monica & Alex

  2. Beverly says:

    Nice wedding, LOVE it

  3. Absolutely gorgeous wedding! Love all the details that went into it!

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