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Lauren and Chris planned their dream wedding for many months from abroad. Lauren and Chris would never be at the same place twice during the planning process. i would text her before calling to make sure she was awake in whatever time zone she was in, I lost track and at times I know she did too.  Since Chris plays Baseball for the Padres, they are constantly traveling. It was not an issue for Lauren and I; we spoke almost every day and emailed countless times planning every detail of the wedding. We truly had a blast! Lauren and Chris are such amazing people, I was blessed to have work with them on their wedding and Im so thankful that I have made life-long friends.

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Lauren was a vision of perfection in her Kenneth Pool Designer wedding gown. It fit like a glove and she looked like a queen! Our mutual love for Kenneth Pool is what hooked us from the third minute in our first conversation. =)

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The ceremony took place at Coral Gables Congregational Church where the couples closest family and friends gathered to witness the coming together of these two love birds. After a beautiful ceremony, they were wed, and it was time to party!!!!!!! Martha and Jesus Ramirez from Unique Design Studios captured the most amazing images of the night. Please view Lauren and Chris’ Wedding on the UDS site for some more great pictures of the evening.

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The overall inspiration for Lauren and Chris’ dream wedding was very simple, less is much, much more. They loved the idea of “going green” therefore the reception decor was themed around  romance; Candles, candles, and more candles. On the rectangle tables located in the middle of the ballroom, we used a black and white damask linen to add a bold focus to the center of the room. Silver candelabras and various heights of pillar  candles sitting on silver spindles surrounded the centerpiece and the table was finished off with black accents in the napkin fabric, black square chargers, black chiavari chairs and cushions. The round tables along the sides of the ballroom, were dressed in a pleated, deep moss green linen. The centerpiece consisted of various glass cylinders with floating candles and votives surrounding the center design. To add a fun element, we used a black and white damask napkin (to match the royal tables). Rick Interian for Avant Gardens, thank you so much for putting up with us silly girls lol. I know it was so tough to have so much fun going over everything time and time again. It was perfect. =)

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The ambiant Lighting in the ballroom matched the light of the candles in the centerpieces. We sued a saturated amber color to bring in the high ceilings and make the room feel cozy and most importantly, romantic. The nine piece bandrocked the house as the guests danced the night away. The lighting on the band interchanged with the mood of the songs that were being played. It was the perfect accent to creating a party atmosphere.

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This cake stand has the best story behind it. You might have seen it used before in prior postings and around websites and blogs of our dear industry friends. Rosie Cunil fro, Elegant Temptations and I were sitting with Lauren speaking about the details of her cake and we wanted to come up with something super different! I mentioned the idea of creating a chandelier inside glass and the thought went into a design within minutes. Before I knew it, we had a whole new idea that would flourish into a dozen others that have been created since. Rosie needed to make the design before using it to make sure it looked perfect, so she made it and not even a day later, Rip hamilton’s designers chose it for the wedding cake. Therefore, this cake stand is very special to us and to Lauren and Chris. I love that our clients allow us to be trend setters.

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Lauren and I would laugh constantly. We spent the majority of the planning process talking for hours about everything you can imagine, we have become great friends because of it. In one of our many conversations, Lauren asks me if I knew what a “cootie catcher” was. I had no idea what she was talking it. Being that there were many hours of difference because of time zones I thought she was exhausted and making jokes but she was serious. It was something she had loved doing as a kid in school. Once I google-imaged it, I had realized that it was the “cootie catcher” that used to get me in trouble during class too! Lauren wanted to incorporate into her wedding so we found a designer to make it the menu for the wedding. This was one of my favorite details of the wedding. That and the ice luge that the groom would stand under and take shots from. =P

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Here are the lovely newlyweds sharing in their first dance. They are so cute and so in love. You could feel how much they loved one another just by seeing them look at each other.

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Many Congrats to both of you and your families. Thank you so much for allowing me to be such an intricate part in your wedding planning. I believe it was a higher power that brought us together. I know that Carlos and I have found great friends through this process. Love you Lots! See you soon when you come to Miami and have cuban cuisine at my house again. Hopefully this time the boys will not fall asleep on the couch again…

Thank you to all of the vendor team who was involved in this wedding. Thank you to my Jackie Ohh… Girls, Fransesca Diego the Catering Manager at the Biltmore Hotel, Bruce Barbaree and Deborah Howard for Biltmore Event Design– once again, I can only do what I do because of people like you both. Martha and Jesus Ramirez for UDS Photo, Ricki from Artex Productions,  Rosie “Rose” my girl- what can I say but I love you. Check her out- she is fan-tab-u-lous Elegant Temptations! Love Child for Tropics Entertainment rocked the house as always, thanks guys. Thank you to So Cool Events for the Luge, the guests loved it! Tatjana Terzic, Thank you so much, she looked even more gorgeous.   We all made Lauren and Chris’ memories of their wedding day perfect! For more information about this wedding, the vendors involved, and details of this event, please contact me.

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  1. LPD says:

    OHHH Jackie!!!!! I have been working on what to say and i just seem speechless every time i try. First of all congrats on the beautiful new site and such a succesful year.

    I truly can not sum up in words how wonderful our big day was and how much we appreciate all the time you spent working with us and without us lol. Everything that day was beyond our expectation and imagination. I will never forget walking in to the ballroom prior to all our guest with my new Hubby and just having the most wonderful feelings of joy and excitment over just being married and the amzing night that was ahead. You will be a friend for life and trust me i will be trying hard to come up with any reason to throw another party with you in the furture.

    Best of luck for many more years of making couples dreams come true!


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