Kathy and Jesse

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The Newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse and Kathy Marinelli! Congrats!

A HUGE Thank you to Stephan and Candace Maloman for taking the awesome pictures you see below. It was such a great experience working with this husband and wife duo. Check them out by clicking on their names and view Kathy and Jesse’s wedding on Malomans’ Blog by clicking HERE.

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Kathy’s Vera Wang gown. She chose Diana as we gown of choice. It was one of the most gorgeous and unique gowns I had ever seen. She looked like such a princess =). Kathy and Jesse’s wedding was featured on the Vera Wang blog recently. Check it out HERE. This dress was Kathy’s second wedding dress as the first one she had that was a wedding gift just was not exactly what she was looking for. She found this Dress at Ever After Miami.

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Kathy’s bridesmaids assist her he in getting dressed. It was a great time for them to bond and have some true girl-time before the ceremony and reception started. Not only does it make for great shots, but the memories are priceless. When you plan your getting ready, try to plan for all of your bridesmaids to be ready and dressed to assist you. I promise those images will end up in your album. =)

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Jesse, the groom wearing Hugo Boss =) Here are some pics of him getting ready. What a calm groom! He was seriously cool as a cucumber, laughing and cracking jokes all day.

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The ceremony and reception took place at the Fontainebleau Hotel in South Beach. Our plan was to have the ceremony in the back lawn of the hotel however the weather was not cooperating with us that day and although we attempted to have the ceremony outside regardless of the cloudy skies, it started to rain 30 minutes before we were expecting guests and we had to move the ceremony inside the hotel. Thankfully, we had the small ballroom adjacent to the reception ballroom as a back up.

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A big thank you to Eduardo from Petunia Flowers and his team as they rushed to get these 13 foot trees through the back of the house and into this ballroom in a record 15 minutes. UPLYTE was a great help as well! We moved a portion of our pipe and drape from the reception room to drape the back of the stage to make for a beautiful back drop for the wedding. After it all, it was a great ceremony and the bride and groom loved it! Phew- that was a close call but we are always ready for whatever can come our way. In Miami, it typically is weather related … unfortunately we are used to this but we make the best of it and smile!

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And they are WED! Congratulations guys!

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The ballroom was gorgeous! Thankfully, Kathy and Jesse’s colors were in perfect correlation with the colors already existing in the ballroom. Kathy loved the combination of black and white with pop color of bright blue and accents of peacock feathers. We used a peacock blue dupioni silk table cloth – it was the main color of the table.We paired the table cloth with black chiavari chairs with slate cushions, black square chargers, black vases, and white flowers accent the tables. Peacock feathers were added to the centerpieces and as a napkin accent. The lighting in the ballroom changed with the crazy beats of the Djs mixes. It made this crazy crowd rowdy- what a great party! Lounge areas from Room Service Rentals flanked the white dance floor.

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Toasts are such great moments at weddings. These toasts were so great! There are a slue of emotions throughout the day of the wedding activities. It’s always good to show them. PS> waterproof mascara is a must ladies.

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Rosie Cunil from Elegant Temptations designed this cake. It was so daring for a bride and groom to choose a black fondant cake but Kathy and Jesse were up for being different and unique. It’s so great when our clients give us creative freedom. The white fondant pieces that Rosie designed came out from the cake in 3D. It was insanely beautiful!

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During the first dance we shot blue, black, and silver confetti from cannons onto the dance floor and over the bride and groom. Sorry Stephan for scaring you buddy, I told you it was coming. lol. The bride, groom, family, and friends partied the night away and what a party it was!!!!!!!!

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I’d like to thank Kathy and Jesse for trusting in me and the team we put together for their wedding. It was a blast planning the wedding and the day of the wedding was even more fun! The weather could no stop this wedding from being amazing! Thank you to the Jackie Ohh… team and a thank you again to Stephan and Candace Maloman for the awesome pics, Artex Productions for video, Petunia Flowers for the great floral design, UPLYTE, Room Service Rentals, Fontainebleau South Beach, and Ever After Miami.

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  1. Stephan says:

    I almost dropped my camera when that confetti canon went off. I swear you said “at the end” of the first dance, not in the beginning. I think I ate some of that confetti. Beautiful post. Thank you for the shout out! We love you longtime.

  2. Kathy says:

    OMG! i saw this come through on my phone and had to run to my computer. Thank you so much for this awesome post! Not to sound cheesy but that day is one that i will never forget, it was truly amazing! Thank you so much for everything you did Jackie! We had an amazing time planning every step of the way with you. I wish we could do it all over again! What a great night!

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