Chantalle and Danny

chantalle + daniel from Belvedere Films

Chantalle and Danny’s wedding was such a FUN wedding. Not only was planning the wedding a blast but boy do they know how to party! We had such a great time thru the entire process and it’s clients like these who give us the reins that truly enjoy every second of their wedding. Thank you to Carlos Baez for taking the great pics below! I hope you enjoy the story and Chantal and Danny’s wedding Day.

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Whats a Bride Getting Ready Suite without some great champagne and Louboutin’s? Chantalle has such a presence about her, the camera loves her and she loves the camera. This beauty was born to model =).

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Chantalle saw her grandmother and got so emotional. I was actually tucked away behind Carlos and it was a moving moment; I teared up as well. Thankfully after the tears came many laughs and smiles.

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Its so important to talk to your team and make room for pictures with the bride by herself before the craziness of the getting in the car and getting to the ceremony happens. There is a feeling of peace and anxiousness right before the ceremony but its the only time where we will have the bride’s attention to the camera and getting amazing images of her just being her beautiful self.

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Chantalle’s father just about he is to give away his little princess…. so cute! I love moments like these.

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Finally Mr. and Mrs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chantalle and Danny opted not to be part of the cocktail hour and take some time with Carlos Baez to take some great shots around the Epic Hotel in Downtown Miami.

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Her dress was a DREAM!!!!!!! One of the most gorgeous gowns I saw all year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now many say this and that about our city but seriously, look at this view! OMG How could you not just fall in love with the city jut by the views that we have here? We got to sneak into a secret spot in a secret space and this is the view we got- not bad huh?

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This couple are such hams for the camera! It was so great that they took the time to get these pictures before the reception started…. which brings me to the next event of the night— party time!

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Gil Sosa designed some great floral centerpieces for Chantalle and Danny’s wedding. She wanted to make sure that each table was just a little different so buy using a variety of ceramic and glass vases, Gil did just as she asked and it looked so pretty! Classic Elegance- exactly what she wanted!

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Some times the simplest of details can make the biggest difference. I like to make sure we use the entrance piece or place card table again throughout the night. Not only is it typically a beautiful floralscape, but it is placed in a spot which will greet guests as they enter the wedding and guests will pass it as they leave. Favors are great to have as a cute memory of the wedding but putting it on the table is sometimes not the best idea. The place card table is a great way to make sure you get the most use of the money spent of the table floral.

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Some great moments that night. =)

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Chantalle changed into this ubber sexy number after dinner. She looked amazing and rocked it!!!!! You go girl!

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Congrats Newlyweds! It was so amazing being able to be part of such a special night in your lives. We wish you nothing but utter bliss! Hugs and Kisses!

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Thank you to ALL of the vendors that worked with us this Evening! Ivette and the Epic Hotel Staff- it’s so easy working with you all, thanks for making it easier on us to do what we do, Carlos Baez and his team and Belvedere Films– You guys Rock! Gil Sosa Designs, DJ Daniel Carreras, Cake Designs by Edda, and everyone else who worked so hard on making this perfect day a reality, thank you!

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  1. Chantalle Loynaz-Gonzalez says:

    Jackie, just saw this post. All I can say is thank you so much for all your hard work at our wedding. Danny and I can never stress enough how amazing you are at what you do. You are truly a genius! I believe that God has a plan for everyone and he specifically put you on this earth to do this.

    You were on point with everything, from the itinerary, making sure the vendors were delivering 100%, organizing the ballroom to look exactly how I wanted it too, and making sure I was relaxed, happy, and ready for the most important hour of my day, the church! I will never forget you and will always be grateful for all your help. Wishing you lots of love, luck in the business, and happiness!!! XOXO, Chantalle

  2. Paul Andrews says:

    What a beautiful set of photos with unusual but fascinating perspectives- leaving a very happy couple!

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