Maylin & Chris

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Maylin and Chris were married on a somewhat cloudy, yet Magical day in November. I met Maylin over 15 years ago as she and my sisters and I grew up together. I remember sitting in my office answering emails when I answered the office phone and heard her voice say “Jackieeeeeeee”; I knew right then and there Chris finally popped the question. Maylin and Chris had been dating for many years and every time I would see her at our local Starbucks (as she got her morning Java while in Miami on vacation from UF), I would ask her “nothing yet?”. I was so happy to hear that she was planning her nuptials and wanted me to be a grand part of it. So together with Mom, her soon to be sister in law, and Chris, we started planning all of the details of the wedding.

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Maylin’s gown was custom designed by family friend and reknown Miami designer, Gabriella Arango. It was simple, sleek design but the lace appliques o the dress were what made the dress so unique. It was an amazing dress and she looked like a true princess. Thank you to Quintin Quintero from Channel, I love you DOLL. Meet the Groom, Chris or as Maylin calls him, “Christopher”. He’s cool. calm, and collected; Ready to get married. Finally!

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The ceremony was at the Historical Coral Gables, The Church of the Little Flower. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with many smiles, heartfelt moments, and many tears of joy. Now that they were married, it’s time to PARTY!

My favorite part- the decor and details! Martha and Jesus Ramirez took the greatest images of the wedding. Thanks Unique Design Studios and the Munchkins- love you! For the post of this wedding, please visit UDS’ Blog. The reception took place at the most historical Hotel in all of South Florida, the beautiful, Biltmore Hotel. The cocktails took place in the center courtyard of the County Club. We designed an over sized center, circular bar as the focal point of the space. AB Covers provided the gorgeous linens for the event. In the cocktail hour, we utilized sage po de sua table cloths which dressed the high boys cocktail rounds, and enormous bar in the cocktail. Tons of candles led the guests up the stairs to the ballroom.

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Oversized royal tables lined the center and square tables in diamonds flanked the perimeter of the ballroom. The tables were dressed in plum dupioni table cloths and the diamond shaped tables were dressed in light gold satin and a gold beaded, floral print overlay was placed atop. Adding an overlay to some tables add depth in the design and allows us to add a variance in the overall design. Rick Interian for Avant Gardens did such a great job capturing what we wanted for the reception design. The diamond tables were an eclectic array of red corvara lilies (the longest flowers I have ever seen- they are stunning), mini schwartzwalder callas, and burgundy cymbidium orchids. The tablescape on the royal tables complimented the diamond tables but was all about the candle light. AB Covers custom created each chair sleeve which were designed in plum and finished with a light gold band. On the bottom right of the chair sleeve was a gold-leaf flower accent. This has to be one of my favorite details of this wedding. The confectionary design is another one of my favorite things to do. Check out this masterpiece. Wow. Enough said.

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The head table was a combination of the two linens we used as well as a combination of a little bit of all of the flowers used. As the head table in typically the center of attention it is important to being the design elements used into this table; Ithelps the whole room come together. We brought in a love seat from Room Service Rentals for the newlyweds to lounge on as they had dinner and greeted friends and family. Modern, white lounge areas were scattered throughout the after dinner lounge. Dessert stations, cigar roller, and coffee bars were available for the guests to enjoy.

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We brought in CircX Acro-Dancers to perform during the dinner portion of the evening. It’s always great to have entertainment during dinner for the guests to be visually entertained as the chef delights their taste buds. Visual entertainment is also a great conversation piece for guests. If some guests do not know each other very well, it is something great to chat about during dinner. Below are some close ups of the master pieces the pastery chef at the Biltmore, Oliver Rodriguez made for the wedding. It tasted as good as it looks. Yummy.

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La Hora Loca!!!!!! and what a Crazy Hour is was. Michael Sarysz for Sarz Entertainment rocked the house that night with the best mix of music I had heard in a while. Somehow I am now known for my Hora Locas… we have such a great time creating a unique experience for the bride, groom, family, friends, and guests with La Hora Loca.

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Maylin’s Shower was published in the 27th Year Anniversary, Collector’s Edition Issue (November 2009) of Selecta Magazine

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Maylin and Chris’ wedding was published in the January 2010 issue of Select Magazine.

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Maylin and Chris, thank you so much for trusting me with one of the most important days in your life. It was such a great experience and to you see you both so happy with everything is what I love most about what I do. To My girls, thank you SO MUCH! To Frenchy, Bruce, Deborah, and Alex from the Biltmore Hotel, thank you a million times over. Martha and Jesus, you already know I love you and love your work. Ray and Jessica Roman for Ray Roman Films, thank you so much, You rock! Ricki Interian for Avant Gardens, you always cease to amaze me. Ana for AB Covers, thank you for always making whatever crazy idea I have. Michael Sarysz, what can I say, You had me at Hello LOL. Diana Lozano for CircX– girl I always love everything you bring to our events. Aroma Espresso thank you for keeping us up =). Quintin Quintero for Channel, you are a true gem. Again to all, Thank you thank you thank you! For more information about this wedding, the vendors involved, and details of this event, please contact me.

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