Ashley & Sid

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Ashley and Sid were married on one of the prettiest weekends in January. They hosted their rehearsal dinner at Miami’s unique venue, Vanderbuilt Mansion on Fisher Island. It was quite a difficult talk but we arranged for all of their guests to be transported to the mansion in mini buses, the largest car that is allowed to ride on the 15 minute ferry ride to the island. It was a great rehearsal and an amazing party dancing the night away to latin beats. The night ended early as we had a huge day ahead of us. A Huge thank you to Patty Daniels and her team for Town and Country Studios for all of the pictures below! It was great being able to work with you.

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The ceremony and reception took place at the gorgeous, Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami. As you can se by the amazing pictures below, it was an awesome day for an outdoor ceremony. The day started early as Gil Sosa for Gil Sosa Designs loaded in during the very early morning hours and Ashley, her mother, family, and bridal party started to get ready. Along with Victoria Chase, we were all over the hotel making sure everything was beyond perfect for Ashely and Sid.  It was a long day of preps for this magical wedding, but it was all worth it to see it all come together.

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Meet Ashley and Sidney. After a long while of being together, the day they were due to wed was finally here. They did a first look in the beautiful lobby of the Mandarin Oriental and then they took all of the bridal party and family to make sure to get every picture they wanted. Some couples opt to do these pictures before to be able to enjoy the rest of the night knowing they got all of the pictures done.

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Together with their family, friends, bridal party, and Rabbi, Ashley and Sid signed  the Kettubah and were ready to exchange their vows under the stars. The ceremony was set up as a simple, yet romantic design consisting of a draped, white chuppah with hanging orchid strands. Candles incased in beautiful calla design were placed along the bamboo aisle. Guests were able to sit on the ottoman style beds to watch the ceremony which added a romantic touch for couples in love.

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As the guests walked into the cocktail hour, they were in awe over this place card centerpiece. It was an absolutely stunning show piece of eclectic glassware filled with monochromatic white floral designs finished with oversized balls of moss and river rocks. I love the way that the variety in textures all work together in this table. During dinner, we placed cookies as take home favors for each guest to take and enjoy before going to bed.

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The table cloths were white with off white satin/matte stripped overlays from AB Cover Designers. The table was finished with gold beaded glass chargers, off white napkins, mahogany chairs and off-white cushions. The floral designs were larger than life. There were three different designs all consisting of various, exotic white flowers with touches of pinks and purples.  A large lounge was placed in the back of the room parallel to The Ruby Baker Band. Since the guest reception tables didn’t fill the room entirely, it was important to create a center space what would complete the design as well as serve as a hang out area for guests to mingle throughout the evening.

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After the 15 minute horah, cutting of the challah, formalities such as the first dance and parents dances, and the delicious four course dinner, Ashley and Sid cut their cake. This eight-tier fondant cake was designed by the very talented pastry chef at the Mandarin Oriental. The guests had a blast dancing the night away and enjoying the company of family and friends from all over the world who came together for this grand celebration. As the guests left, the Krispy Kreme car was waiting for them outside to give everyone a box of delicious melt in your mouth donuts as they left. Yummy!

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After a long day, a picture perfect wedding, and the end of what will always be one of the best days in their lives, Ashley and Side took in the view of our beautiful city and said farewell to all of their guests. Honeymoon time!!!!!

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A Huge thank you to my staff for all of their hard work, Victoria Chase and her Staff at the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Patty Daniels and her team for Town and Country Studios, Gil Sosa and Alice K. Villar for Gil Sosa Designs, Ruby Baker and The Ruby Baker Band, Ana at AB Cover Designers, The staff at The Vanderbilt Mansion at The Fisher Island Club, Tatjana Terzic for Makeup by Tatjana, Luis Serrano and His Band, Encore Chamber, and to all of the other vendors involved with making this wedding possible. Thanks to you, they had a magical day!

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