Happenings in the Land of Ohh…

Hello Everyone! I know it has been FOREVER since I have updated the blog but our season has slobbered down and now gotten us to a somewhat normal work schedule which means that I will be able to blog the backlog of wedding and events we have done in the recent past. There has been so many amazing events we will try to blog them ALL.

It is important to me that everyone reading this knows that we are dedicated to our clients and therefore have not been able to put too much time to this blog. Its solely because in our firm, our clients come first. I do promise that we are all working hard at updating the blog and will be doing so in the next coming weeks.

In the mean time, Please follow JackieOhhEvents on instagram as we post set ups, events, and the latest things happening in the Land of Ohh…

Thanks again for visiting! Come visit us soon as there will be tons of event eye-candy to see.

Wishing you a beautiful summer!

Jackie Fernandez
Jackie Ohh Events

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