Jackie Ohh… Rocks The Knot

This year I had the distinct pleasure of planning and coordinating The 2010 Knot Vendor Appreciation Event. It was held at the new Epic Hotel in Downtown, Miami. The party was a huge success! My goal was to create a relaxing atmosphere  where vendors can socialize and network and show them that vendors can party too! So many times, we are behind the scenes of putting together the greatest events but we typically  don’t get to enjoy the night. Tonight we did in true Miami style.

Martha and Jesus Ramirez for Unique Design Studios, Thank you for the awesome Pics =) For the list of all the amazing vendors who helped put this event together, please see below. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make our event such a success. It will be one to remember for all time. =)

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So many times I get asked, Jackie who is in your behind the scenes staff? Well, here they are… Meet Jackie Ohh… Events.

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Diana Lozano from CircX greeted each of our guests as they walked into the main foyer of the Metropolitan Ballroom. She was dressed as a disheveled bride who has always wanted to be a knottie, but has never had a chance to be. LOL

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Thank you to Avant Gardens, Nuage Designs and UPLYE for all of the decor. Loved it!!!

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Rosie Cunil for Elegant Temptations featured her new product, Cake Parfaits for all of us to try. Absolutely Delicious.

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Every time there is a party there is ALWAYS the after party. LOL

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Thank you to following Vendors who were a HUGE part of making this event so Perfect. To all of the Jackie Ohh… Team running 8 strong, Thank You Thank You Thank You. Ivette Perez and The Epic Hotel staff, Martha and Jesus Ramirez for Unique Design Studios, Rick Interian for Avant Gardens, Pablo and Carolina for Nuage Designs, Dan and Alex for Uplyte, My great friend Rosie Cunil for Elegant Temptations for being so innovative and outstanding. Michael Sarysz for Sarz Entertainment, Diana Lozano for Circx, Fransisco Lopez for Aroma Espresso, Maolo Doreste for his Facebook Headshot Station at In Focus Studios, Rodrigo Varella for his photobooth at Rodrigo Varella Photography, and Yojani for Donut Divas. Last but not least, Thank you to Rhonda and Suzie from The KNOT. It was amazing to do this for the second time.

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