Ashley & Sid

Friday, June 4th, 2010

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Ashley and Sid were married on one of the prettiest weekends in January. They hosted their rehearsal dinner at Miami’s unique venue, Vanderbuilt Mansion on Fisher Island. It was quite a difficult talk but we arranged for all of their guests to be transported to the mansion in mini buses, the largest car that is allowed to ride on the 15 minute ferry ride to the island. It was a great rehearsal and an amazing party dancing the night away to latin beats. The night ended early as we had a huge day ahead of us. A Huge thank you to Patty Daniels and her team for Town and Country Studios for all of the pictures below! It was great being able to work with you.

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The ceremony and reception took place at the gorgeous, Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami. As you can se by the amazing pictures below, it was an awesome day for an outdoor ceremony. The day started early as Gil Sosa for Gil Sosa Designs loaded in during the very early morning hours and Ashley, her mother, family, and bridal party started to get ready. Along with Victoria Chase, we were all over the hotel making sure everything was beyond perfect for Ashely and Sid.  It was a long day of preps for this magical wedding, but it was all worth it to see it all come together.

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Meet Ashley and Sidney. After a long while of being together, the day they were due to wed was finally here. They did a first look in the beautiful lobby of the Mandarin Oriental and then they took all of the bridal party and family to make sure to get every picture they wanted. Some couples opt to do these pictures before to be able to enjoy the rest of the night knowing they got all of the pictures done.

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Together with their family, friends, bridal party, and Rabbi, Ashley and Sid signed  the Kettubah and were ready to exchange their vows under the stars. The ceremony was set up as a simple, yet romantic design consisting of a draped, white chuppah with hanging orchid strands. Candles incased in beautiful calla design were placed along the bamboo aisle. Guests were able to sit on the ottoman style beds to watch the ceremony which added a romantic touch for couples in love.

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As the guests walked into the cocktail hour, they were in awe over this place card centerpiece. It was an absolutely stunning show piece of eclectic glassware filled with monochromatic white floral designs finished with oversized balls of moss and river rocks. I love the way that the variety in textures all work together in this table. During dinner, we placed cookies as take home favors for each guest to take and enjoy before going to bed.

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The table cloths were white with off white satin/matte stripped overlays from AB Cover Designers. The table was finished with gold beaded glass chargers, off white napkins, mahogany chairs and off-white cushions. The floral designs were larger than life. There were three different designs all consisting of various, exotic white flowers with touches of pinks and purples.  A large lounge was placed in the back of the room parallel to The Ruby Baker Band. Since the guest reception tables didn’t fill the room entirely, it was important to create a center space what would complete the design as well as serve as a hang out area for guests to mingle throughout the evening.

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After the 15 minute horah, cutting of the challah, formalities such as the first dance and parents dances, and the delicious four course dinner, Ashley and Sid cut their cake. This eight-tier fondant cake was designed by the very talented pastry chef at the Mandarin Oriental. The guests had a blast dancing the night away and enjoying the company of family and friends from all over the world who came together for this grand celebration. As the guests left, the Krispy Kreme car was waiting for them outside to give everyone a box of delicious melt in your mouth donuts as they left. Yummy!

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After a long day, a picture perfect wedding, and the end of what will always be one of the best days in their lives, Ashley and Side took in the view of our beautiful city and said farewell to all of their guests. Honeymoon time!!!!!

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A Huge thank you to my staff for all of their hard work, Victoria Chase and her Staff at the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Patty Daniels and her team for Town and Country Studios, Gil Sosa and Alice K. Villar for Gil Sosa Designs, Ruby Baker and The Ruby Baker Band, Ana at AB Cover Designers, The staff at The Vanderbilt Mansion at The Fisher Island Club, Tatjana Terzic for Makeup by Tatjana, Luis Serrano and His Band, Encore Chamber, and to all of the other vendors involved with making this wedding possible. Thanks to you, they had a magical day!

Lauren & Chris

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

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Lauren and Chris planned their dream wedding for many months from abroad. Lauren and Chris would never be at the same place twice during the planning process. i would text her before calling to make sure she was awake in whatever time zone she was in, I lost track and at times I know she did too.  Since Chris plays Baseball for the Padres, they are constantly traveling. It was not an issue for Lauren and I; we spoke almost every day and emailed countless times planning every detail of the wedding. We truly had a blast! Lauren and Chris are such amazing people, I was blessed to have work with them on their wedding and Im so thankful that I have made life-long friends.

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Lauren was a vision of perfection in her Kenneth Pool Designer wedding gown. It fit like a glove and she looked like a queen! Our mutual love for Kenneth Pool is what hooked us from the third minute in our first conversation. =)

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The ceremony took place at Coral Gables Congregational Church where the couples closest family and friends gathered to witness the coming together of these two love birds. After a beautiful ceremony, they were wed, and it was time to party!!!!!!! Martha and Jesus Ramirez from Unique Design Studios captured the most amazing images of the night. Please view Lauren and Chris’ Wedding on the UDS site for some more great pictures of the evening.

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The overall inspiration for Lauren and Chris’ dream wedding was very simple, less is much, much more. They loved the idea of “going green” therefore the reception decor was themed around  romance; Candles, candles, and more candles. On the rectangle tables located in the middle of the ballroom, we used a black and white damask linen to add a bold focus to the center of the room. Silver candelabras and various heights of pillar  candles sitting on silver spindles surrounded the centerpiece and the table was finished off with black accents in the napkin fabric, black square chargers, black chiavari chairs and cushions. The round tables along the sides of the ballroom, were dressed in a pleated, deep moss green linen. The centerpiece consisted of various glass cylinders with floating candles and votives surrounding the center design. To add a fun element, we used a black and white damask napkin (to match the royal tables). Rick Interian for Avant Gardens, thank you so much for putting up with us silly girls lol. I know it was so tough to have so much fun going over everything time and time again. It was perfect. =)

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The ambiant Lighting in the ballroom matched the light of the candles in the centerpieces. We sued a saturated amber color to bring in the high ceilings and make the room feel cozy and most importantly, romantic. The nine piece bandrocked the house as the guests danced the night away. The lighting on the band interchanged with the mood of the songs that were being played. It was the perfect accent to creating a party atmosphere.

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This cake stand has the best story behind it. You might have seen it used before in prior postings and around websites and blogs of our dear industry friends. Rosie Cunil fro, Elegant Temptations and I were sitting with Lauren speaking about the details of her cake and we wanted to come up with something super different! I mentioned the idea of creating a chandelier inside glass and the thought went into a design within minutes. Before I knew it, we had a whole new idea that would flourish into a dozen others that have been created since. Rosie needed to make the design before using it to make sure it looked perfect, so she made it and not even a day later, Rip hamilton’s designers chose it for the wedding cake. Therefore, this cake stand is very special to us and to Lauren and Chris. I love that our clients allow us to be trend setters.

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Lauren and I would laugh constantly. We spent the majority of the planning process talking for hours about everything you can imagine, we have become great friends because of it. In one of our many conversations, Lauren asks me if I knew what a “cootie catcher” was. I had no idea what she was talking it. Being that there were many hours of difference because of time zones I thought she was exhausted and making jokes but she was serious. It was something she had loved doing as a kid in school. Once I google-imaged it, I had realized that it was the “cootie catcher” that used to get me in trouble during class too! Lauren wanted to incorporate into her wedding so we found a designer to make it the menu for the wedding. This was one of my favorite details of the wedding. That and the ice luge that the groom would stand under and take shots from. =P

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Here are the lovely newlyweds sharing in their first dance. They are so cute and so in love. You could feel how much they loved one another just by seeing them look at each other.

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Many Congrats to both of you and your families. Thank you so much for allowing me to be such an intricate part in your wedding planning. I believe it was a higher power that brought us together. I know that Carlos and I have found great friends through this process. Love you Lots! See you soon when you come to Miami and have cuban cuisine at my house again. Hopefully this time the boys will not fall asleep on the couch again…

Thank you to all of the vendor team who was involved in this wedding. Thank you to my Jackie Ohh… Girls, Fransesca Diego the Catering Manager at the Biltmore Hotel, Bruce Barbaree and Deborah Howard for Biltmore Event Design– once again, I can only do what I do because of people like you both. Martha and Jesus Ramirez for UDS Photo, Ricki from Artex Productions,  Rosie “Rose” my girl- what can I say but I love you. Check her out- she is fan-tab-u-lous Elegant Temptations! Love Child for Tropics Entertainment rocked the house as always, thanks guys. Thank you to So Cool Events for the Luge, the guests loved it! Tatjana Terzic, Thank you so much, she looked even more gorgeous.   We all made Lauren and Chris’ memories of their wedding day perfect! For more information about this wedding, the vendors involved, and details of this event, please contact me.

Maylin & Chris

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

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Maylin and Chris were married on a somewhat cloudy, yet Magical day in November. I met Maylin over 15 years ago as she and my sisters and I grew up together. I remember sitting in my office answering emails when I answered the office phone and heard her voice say “Jackieeeeeeee”; I knew right then and there Chris finally popped the question. Maylin and Chris had been dating for many years and every time I would see her at our local Starbucks (as she got her morning Java while in Miami on vacation from UF), I would ask her “nothing yet?”. I was so happy to hear that she was planning her nuptials and wanted me to be a grand part of it. So together with Mom, her soon to be sister in law, and Chris, we started planning all of the details of the wedding.

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Maylin’s gown was custom designed by family friend and reknown Miami designer, Gabriella Arango. It was simple, sleek design but the lace appliques o the dress were what made the dress so unique. It was an amazing dress and she looked like a true princess. Thank you to Quintin Quintero from Channel, I love you DOLL. Meet the Groom, Chris or as Maylin calls him, “Christopher”. He’s cool. calm, and collected; Ready to get married. Finally!

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The ceremony was at the Historical Coral Gables, The Church of the Little Flower. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with many smiles, heartfelt moments, and many tears of joy. Now that they were married, it’s time to PARTY!

My favorite part- the decor and details! Martha and Jesus Ramirez took the greatest images of the wedding. Thanks Unique Design Studios and the Munchkins- love you! For the post of this wedding, please visit UDS’ Blog. The reception took place at the most historical Hotel in all of South Florida, the beautiful, Biltmore Hotel. The cocktails took place in the center courtyard of the County Club. We designed an over sized center, circular bar as the focal point of the space. AB Covers provided the gorgeous linens for the event. In the cocktail hour, we utilized sage po de sua table cloths which dressed the high boys cocktail rounds, and enormous bar in the cocktail. Tons of candles led the guests up the stairs to the ballroom.

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Oversized royal tables lined the center and square tables in diamonds flanked the perimeter of the ballroom. The tables were dressed in plum dupioni table cloths and the diamond shaped tables were dressed in light gold satin and a gold beaded, floral print overlay was placed atop. Adding an overlay to some tables add depth in the design and allows us to add a variance in the overall design. Rick Interian for Avant Gardens did such a great job capturing what we wanted for the reception design. The diamond tables were an eclectic array of red corvara lilies (the longest flowers I have ever seen- they are stunning), mini schwartzwalder callas, and burgundy cymbidium orchids. The tablescape on the royal tables complimented the diamond tables but was all about the candle light. AB Covers custom created each chair sleeve which were designed in plum and finished with a light gold band. On the bottom right of the chair sleeve was a gold-leaf flower accent. This has to be one of my favorite details of this wedding. The confectionary design is another one of my favorite things to do. Check out this masterpiece. Wow. Enough said.

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The head table was a combination of the two linens we used as well as a combination of a little bit of all of the flowers used. As the head table in typically the center of attention it is important to being the design elements used into this table; Ithelps the whole room come together. We brought in a love seat from Room Service Rentals for the newlyweds to lounge on as they had dinner and greeted friends and family. Modern, white lounge areas were scattered throughout the after dinner lounge. Dessert stations, cigar roller, and coffee bars were available for the guests to enjoy.

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We brought in CircX Acro-Dancers to perform during the dinner portion of the evening. It’s always great to have entertainment during dinner for the guests to be visually entertained as the chef delights their taste buds. Visual entertainment is also a great conversation piece for guests. If some guests do not know each other very well, it is something great to chat about during dinner. Below are some close ups of the master pieces the pastery chef at the Biltmore, Oliver Rodriguez made for the wedding. It tasted as good as it looks. Yummy.

[singlepic id=96 h=350 float=left] [singlepic id=98 h=350 float=left] [singlepic id=97 h=350]

La Hora Loca!!!!!! and what a Crazy Hour is was. Michael Sarysz for Sarz Entertainment rocked the house that night with the best mix of music I had heard in a while. Somehow I am now known for my Hora Locas… we have such a great time creating a unique experience for the bride, groom, family, friends, and guests with La Hora Loca.

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Maylin’s Shower was published in the 27th Year Anniversary, Collector’s Edition Issue (November 2009) of Selecta Magazine

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Maylin and Chris’ wedding was published in the January 2010 issue of Select Magazine.

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Maylin and Chris, thank you so much for trusting me with one of the most important days in your life. It was such a great experience and to you see you both so happy with everything is what I love most about what I do. To My girls, thank you SO MUCH! To Frenchy, Bruce, Deborah, and Alex from the Biltmore Hotel, thank you a million times over. Martha and Jesus, you already know I love you and love your work. Ray and Jessica Roman for Ray Roman Films, thank you so much, You rock! Ricki Interian for Avant Gardens, you always cease to amaze me. Ana for AB Covers, thank you for always making whatever crazy idea I have. Michael Sarysz, what can I say, You had me at Hello LOL. Diana Lozano for CircX– girl I always love everything you bring to our events. Aroma Espresso thank you for keeping us up =). Quintin Quintero for Channel, you are a true gem. Again to all, Thank you thank you thank you! For more information about this wedding, the vendors involved, and details of this event, please contact me.

The Druck’s Tropical Wedding

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Kristen and Steve were married at the Hyatt Bonaventure in Weston on May 16th. They are such a great couple. You know when you see two people together and you know they love each other but they get along better than best friends? That is Kristen and Steve- they are constantly laughing and smiling all the time. They are the real life Bradey Bunch, but with a twist. Together they have 10 cats and dogs. When they moved in together her animals and his animals came together under the same roof – ad that’s the way they all became the Druck Bunch! lol

It was such a great day for an outdoor wedding! Many of the guests were from out of town and the weather held up perfectly for them to experience the true taste of summer time in Florida.

All pictures were taken by Melissa and her great team at

Thanks guys! It was a pleasure working with you.

The blushing Bride
The surprising cool as a cucumber groom. lol I had so much fun with Steve- the booger lol We spent our time cracking up and ranking on each other. That is how you know the groom feels really comfortable with you- when everything that he says is making fun of you. God times!
This bouquet was prob. one of the most beautiful bouquets I had ever seen. It was tropical and fresh yet ethereal and lush. It spelled Devine! I love freesia =)
The Bridesmaids.
Saying their vows. So cute!
Finally – Husband and Wife
Kristen and Steve Chose to have streamer poppers at each seat for the guests to “pop” once they were married. It made for great photographs and a great memory.


Tropical Elegance at it’s best. We decided on going with a combination of all of the couples favorite things. Kristen loved the texture of satin and dupioni silk. Chartreuse green linens dressed the tables and mahogany chiavari chairs with fuchsia satin cushions complimented the “tropical look”. The centrepieces were very modern yet very tropical. We used the typical birds of paradise and tropical leaves in each centerpieces. We also included bells of Ireland, Hot pink roses, and we cannot forget about the pheasant feathers. Kristen’s dad hunts pheasant in their hometown of Ohio.. We surprised him and added them to each table. It was such an amazing accent and everyone got a kick out of the fact that we used them throughout the wedding. Avant Gardens did a fabulous job- every was tailored and exactly what they wanted- perfection!

Cracking up during thier first dance. I am telling you- they were always laughing. Love it!
The cake- one of the best parts of a wedding. We made sure to use all of the elements of the wedding in the cake. It was cute, fun, tropical, and did I mention delicious?

Rosie is so cute. She made a heart with the leaves that Ricki gave her. She is such a creative genius. Visit Rosie at
Capturing the cutest of moments. Good Night!

Wedding Planner: Jackie Farah Fernandez and Jessica Rico, day of execution manager for Jackie Ohh… Events. Venue: Hyatt Bonaventure Weston. Photographer and Videographer: Confectioner: Rosie Cunil for Rentals: AB Cover Designers and Last but not least- Floral Decor: Ricki Interian for Avant Gardens. Great job guys!

It’s a Nice Day for a WHITE Wedding…

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

And it was a WHITE wedding in more than one way. I invite you to enjoy some pictures from Mr. and Mrs. Devin and Carolina White’s Wedding. I had a blast planning with the wedding with my two brides, Caro and her Mom Ana. From the moment I met them, Ana had a bigger wedding binder than any mother of bride in the history of my career and she was right on with everything Caro wanted for her wedding. Caro and Devin are extremely busy with work so mom acted as the project manager alongside with me. We had such a good time- many, many many laughs. Enjoy the pictures- thank you to Miguel Irias from for great shots!

Meet the Blushing Bride Carolina Pelleya-White (In a custom off-white gown)
And the Groom, Devin White (in an off-white dinner jacket)
Caro is texting her hubby to be while she and her bridesmaids and Matron of Honor, Mom are getting ready. Ana, right behind Caro is making a funny face and it was all caught by Miguel. Hilarious! Not to mention, they are both wearing White Robes… are you starting to see a trend yet? lol
The ceremony took place at the gorgeous and one and only Epiphany Catholic Church in Miami. What a beautiful church!

Ana walking her daughter down the Aisle. The look more like sisters than mother and daughter. =)
The moment they have been waiting for all of their lives- Finally Married!

The theme of this wedding was gardenesque, whispie, and utterly etherial. Over 500 white butterflies hung over the dance floor and created a stunning centerpiece for the entire room. We pinned this masterpiece from every angle in the room with a light lilac color lighting to make sure it wood out no matter what color change we would do throughout the evening.

By using various table sizes in the layout, we were able to create a formal cocktail style reception. Tables of 4,8,10, and 12 guests were strategically placed around the room to give the feeling of an intimate affair but with the premium on socializing and a true PARTY! Cro and Devin wanted the party to start immediately when the guests walked into the ballroom- they did not like the feeling of “dinner-music” of a “formal dinner structure”. There were tons of delicious stations that the guests visited throughout the entire evening. Some danced right right away and others took the time to munch on some gourmet specialties that the Master Chef at Ritz Carlton created for the couple.

Each centerpiece was different; all having the same, garden loose feel and incorporating silver in the bowls and julep cups. White Chiavari chairs with white crinkled satin cushions complimented the white silk linens on each table. Ticked into each napkin (double sided with two white fabrics) was a custom made menu in pistachio green and a tiny nest with jordan almonds sat on top for the continued essence of being in a garden.

White White White for White’s Wedding =)
As guests entered the room, we used a blush-pink lighting. On four chandeliers of the room hung 24 paper lanterns in various shapes with tiny LEDs inside of each of them.

As I do for each of my couples, I walked the bride and groom (an in the case my co-planner Mom) into the ballroom with nobody in the room to get a look at everything before their guests do. They were all beyond thrilled! I was more than they had ever dreamed it would be- =).

Caro and Devin took a couple of moments to look at all of the details and even danced privately with no one around. Well nobody other than 20 or so wedding-team members lol.

As the bride and groom went to enjoy their own private cocktail, the band played a favorite latin tune and the guests entered the ballroom. It is one of my favorite parts- to hear the guests’ comments as they walk into a gorgeous ballroom.

After about two an a half hours or so of dancing, eating, and partying the night away, the room slowly changed to a deep blue giving the sense of romance.

The center of the room was washed with a light lilac so even in the darkest of our color codes, it stood out! We started with a blush-pink, changes to deep amber for their first dance, and then changed back to bush-pink. Once the dinner was on it’s way and guests were busy at the food stations and dancing, we changed the lighting in the room to deep plum. Then the room changed to this deep blue once the evening was in it’s prime.

Some Advice: When using intelligent lighting and planning on color changes throughout the evening, gradually build up the mood of the event. even if blue is not in your spectrum of color themes, I would strongly suggest you gradually change from color to color and using blue an impact color (towards the prime of the event). Blue makes any decor looks more rich and grande. When doing deep/saturated color changes, pin spots are a necessity.

Caro and Devin entered to Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” and the crowd went nuts! Here they are during their first dance as husband and wife.

A floral inspired White Cake for the White’s White Wedding
This has to be one of my favorite images from this wedding. We designed the most romantic setting for the newlyweds to sit at during their reception. Caro and Devin’s table was a 6ft rectangle and they sat at their own romantic couch. “S” shaped lounge areas were placed on each side of the diamond-shaped dance floor.
As you can see, the room was constantly social, just the we planned it to be.
La Hora Loca and What A Crazy Hour It Was!
The Chomp! The Ritz designed a great Ice Sculpture inspired by where the Bride and Groom met, The Swamp. Go Gators!
The Entrance table was beautifully designed with moss, White birdcages, moss balls, and tons of candles. During dinner, mini bottles of Nicholas Feuillatte Rose Champagne. It was the main favor for each couple. They could keep it and open it to toast with the White’s on their First Anniversary!
Congratulations to Caro, Devin, and their families. It was a true pleasure working alongside you planning the ultimate wedding of your dreams. Mom, we made a great team! I am waiting for our coffee date.
Good Night!

Wedding Team: Jackie Farah Fernandez Wedding Coordinator. Jessica Vega and Alisha Molina Wedding Day Execution managers for Jackie Ohh… Events. Venues: Church of Epiphany and The Ritz Carlotn Coconut Grove. A special thanks to Jeysa Plena and all of the staff and chefs at the Ritz. Photography: Miguel Irias. Thank you all! It was a very memorable evening. Until the next one!

Marisa and Jesse – My Lovelies

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Jesse Gill and Marisa Yeres- My Lovelies! When I first met Jesse and Marisa I had no idea that I would be blessed with meeting such amazing people. They both have the kindest, most caring hearts and the passion they have for each other is inspiring. “Riss” is a very talented producer in New York. Actually, she was a producer of the movie The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez. “Yeah Jackie, no pressure at all” lol.

Each and every thank you letter I get puts tears in my eyes because I know how hard I work to make each and every one of my clients overwhelmingly happy and it is the best feeling to hear the client’s happiness and thankful thoughts. I must admit, this letter made me full out cry like a baby. I wanted to share it with you before I went through the many many Outrageous details about this Fabulous wedding.

This is why I do what I do…

Dear Jackie, We’re just back from our honeymoon and though we called you to gush after the wedding, Jesse and I wanted to let you know once more, how thrilled we are with the way all of our events played out. The weekend truly surpassed our wildest expectations on every level, and though to the guests it appeared effortless, it was all of those months of brainstorming, planning and designing with you and the fabulous vendors that enabled us all to produce a weekend that knocked everyone’s socks off. You cannot know the mass volume of emails and calls we received from guests declaring it the best, warmest, most extraordinary wedding they had ever attended. Everything gelled and the energy was off the meter that Saturday night. The Biltmore was stunning, delicious and hosted our entire party of out of towners just beautifully. Your staff coordinated seamlessly with theirs to make it all flow. From the welcome boxes, to the MEGA candy table, to Rick’s gorgeous designs and Alan James’ electric guitars ON the dance floor, it was unbelievable. Everyone was elated, especially Jesse and I. We loved every detail, every moment, every dance and everybody! It was the perfect way to join our lives, and post-honeymoon, we look back recalling every detail and feel the happiness we felt that night all over again.

Your dedication to making sure that an event is reflective of your your clients vision, your organization, your smarts and when dealing with vendors, and your wonderful ideas are so impressive. Your experience shows in everything you do. We always felt we were in great, capable hands. What we miss most, no doubt, is speaking with you all the time! We miss Jackie in our day to day lives and hope to see you when next we come to Miami for a sunny weekend. You’re a joy to deal with and so much fun to be with. You bring so much happiness to so many people as you help them to realize their most important moments in style! We’re so proud of all that you’ve achieved in your career and wish you only more success, more fabulous parties and more red carpets!!

All of our love and MANY MANY thanks,

Marisa and Jesse Gill

Craig and Stacey Ambrosio took all of the pictures below. They are both such a joy to work with and they truly did a great job! You can visit them at Ray Roman thanks my friend for being, well just you, Jessica and You “rocked the house” with Marisa and Jesse’s video. This video will blow you away- I have no doubt. Check out the link to view the highlights

Marisa’s tiny dress- this gorgeous gown was the prettiest, tiniest dress I have ever seen.
She looked like an angel in it. =)

Meet Marisa, the gorgeous bride

Meet Jesse, the Groom

The First Glance… Magical Moment

So happy to be finally getting married, they were ALL smiles. It was a perfect day =)

On the way to the ceremony. Marisa and Jesse opted to take pictures before the ceremony in order to be able to enjoy every second of their wedding.

The Bridal Party

<3 So In Love <3Let’s talk about Breathtaking. The ceremony was designed with maximum romance in mind. The guests were seated in a horse shoe around the chuppah which was on a riser 18″ above the ground. Every single guest had the best seat in the house. The entire chuppah was lined with dozens and dozens of jumbo glass cylinders with floating candles. These magnificent trees were created by Rick from Avant Gardens- it is a signature design of his and there is no wonder why- they are amazing! The amber lighting we used added that romantic glow these pictures illustrate so well.
From any and every angle, this ceremony was gorgeous.
Hand-strung orchid lays hung from various heights of the trees. I don’t even want to think about how long it took Avant Gardens to string all of these lays lol. Pashminas were provided for every woman in the ceremony and custom made programs were butler passed to each gentleman.
The ceremony was planned at the perfect time- Jesse and Marisa wanted to make sure that during the ceremony it would be the perfect sunset. “Jess and Riss” were very much into every single detail being perfectly planned. We spent countless hours developing and fine tweaking every single detail of the wedding not to mention the twelve page timeline that included every detail of the wedding down the a “tee”. This is right down my alley- we made a perfect match; the greatest team to make this wedding over the top spectacular.
Wow Wow Wow Stunning!
Finally after much time waiting for this moment, it is here- Mr. and Mrs. Gil. Jess and Riss’ story is amazing. They had a long distance relationship for a very long time. The months sure flew by and now they are living happily ever after in New York!
It’s Time Party- and did they Party… like it was 1999 lol. These entire guest list were party animals and that is an understatement. You could tell from the moment the ceremony was over- it was going to be a memorable evening.
The ballroom decor was sooooo pretty! Jess and Riss knew exactly what they wanted- well after much research at least. Together with the design team and Jess and Riss we all came up with what would be the perfect setting for a magical evening. We got so detailed, we had a 30 minute discussion on the inches between each candle on every table design. I am not kidding when I mean we are all about the details lol. It was worth every second of the planning, the decor came together perfectly.
A saturated amber was chosen for the lighting in the room. Each centerpiece was pin spotted to expose the maximum elegance and romance in the ballroom.

Jesse and Maria’s invites were one of a kind letter pressed invites including actual camelot designs of their profiles. We used this element throughout the entire wedding. From the programs, coasters for the cocktail hour, and the menus, we used their camelot designs. It was such a personal touch and made the stationary unique.

A gorgeous dupioni linen in a blended color of Mauve/Grey/Mocha (trust me- this linen has a striking color- it’s gorgeous) dressed the round tables that encircles the royal table on each side of the ballroom. Black glass trumpet vases sat in the middle of the table with branches in a deep fire coral color with strands of vanda orchids hanging from the branches surrounding the perimeter of the design. Avant hand strung each one of these strands. It took forever but it was so worth it, it turned out beautiful.
As the runner of these forty foot royal tables, hundreds of Ivory pillar candles sat on baroque style mercury glass holders. The romantic design came together with clusters of coral orchids (for a pop of color) imported from Holland. The velvet crest linen in champagne and black was the best compliment for this table design.

The bride and groom’s first dance-so romantic! Following this dance was the second longest horrah I have ever witnessed. The groomsmen threw Jesse in the air using a huge white cloth. Thankfully Jess let me know this was going to happen- I would had an attack seeing the Groom soar from one side of the dance floor to the other side.

Love you guys!

After an amazing custom menu was served and the after dinner lounge was opened filled with dessert stations of mini soft pretzels and churros, and let’s not forget the most amazing monocratic candy station I have ever seen, they dance the entire night. Jesse even sang his own song on the stage- he made it up as he was singing it. Love ya Jess but maybe we should keep the microphone away from you lol
After a friday night welcome party on the golf course and a wedding day of endless night of insane fun-filled memories, it was time to say goodnight. A wedding none of us will defiantly never forget.

To my Lovelies, it was the most amazing journey. It was such a pleasure to be your wedding planner and now forever friend. I wish you nothing but the best in our lives. I can’t wait to see you back in Miami or NYC. Love you Both!

Wedding Coordinator: Jackie Farah Fernandez and Jessica Rico for Jackie Ohh… Events. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to put this together. Venue: The Biltmore Hotel. Bruce Barbaree and Deborah Howard for Biltmore Event Design; I could not have done it without my darlings. Photography: Craig and Stacey Ambrosio for Ambrosio Photography, and Cinematography by none other than Ray Roman of Ray Roman Films. To the rest of the team- you all were amazing. What a night. What a memory. Thank You.

Cannon/Lorence Wedding

Monday, June 22nd, 2009
Featured in the National and Local Knot Magazine!

Aileen Cannon and Josh Lorence got married at the Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove on the busiest wedding day of the year in 2008. June 7th 2008 or referred to most as 6-7-8. Aileen wanted a lavender themed wedding, but the challenge was that the theme had little to do with the color lavender, it was more the smell and infusing the taste of lavender into the entire wedding. Keep reading to find out how we incorporated this relaxing yet unique theme to this fabulous wedding.

The Knot Magazine published this amazing wedding in their National and Local Magazines- we are so excited to go National! Congrats Love Birds and Congrats to all of the vendors who worked together to make this wedding happen. Please look below for the complete list of vendors.

The Knot Link:
Amazing Photography by Martha and Jesus Ramirez for Unique Design Studios
Meet Aileen and Josh <3
The wedding rings.
The very nervous Groom with his vows in hand ready to finally marry his soul mate.

The beautiful ceremony set up. Mahogany Chiavari chairs complimented with eggplant dupioni silk cushions were placed in perfectly aligned rows in the outdoor courtyard of the Ritz Carlton. Jumbo Cylinders filled with orchids and floating candles lined the aisle. Giant arrangements consisting of orchids, hydrangeas, roses, and calla lilies greeted the guests as they walked into the courtyard and again at the beginning of the ceremony aisle. This clean, sleek chuppah was designed with white sheer fabric and coordinating flowers and strands of glitzy crystals draped from the top of the structure.

About to say I do~!
They did…. they finally Tied the KNOT =)
The “other bride” lol her lovely sister and Matron of Honor Erin Charlton.
The Bride, Groom, Matron of Honor, and Best Man
Now it’s Time for the Party!

Guests were greeted with lavender infused champagne with a fresh sprig of lavender in the g;ass walking from the ceremony to the reception. This was just a little “taste” of what was to come with the infusion of lavender in the reception menu.

The couple wanted something very un-ordinary for the place card table. It was the first glimpse of the wedding the guests were going to have- it needed to be gorgeous, and it was! The save-the-date and the wedding invitation each had the symbol of a Palm Tree to signify Miami, so Rick and I ran with the theme! The bride loves coffee and wanted to incorporate it somewhere in the wedding – what a better idea than inside the vase to make the “bar” of the palm tree. Tons of lilac feather plums were tucked into the coffee beans to create the perfect palm tree. On the bottom of the base we scattered coffee beans as the “sand” and flowers and floating candles for romance. The table was not only beautiful but smelled Divine =).

Eggplant, silk, dupioni linens dressed the reception tables and was complimented with mahogany chiavari chairs with eggplant cushions. Rick designed simple, yet ever elegant centerpieces with the bride’s favorite flowers, cymbidium orchids and callas. The amber lighting combined with the very dim chandeliers made the ballroom glow with romance. When Aileen and Josh saw their ballroom, it blew them away- she wanted it to be a simple decor but when it came all together it looked absolutely beautiful.

Glass Beaded chargers were placed at every place setting. The pistachio po de sua napkin was folded to fit the elongated menu card. A sprig of fresh lavender was tucked into each napkin for scent and reintroducing the theme for the menu.

The first course was colorful and delicious! The second course was a champagne sorbet intermezzo with lavender infused honey and sprinkled with fresh lavender. The main entree was succulent sea bass and fillet with the choice of sauces all infused with lavender. Although it sounds like a lot of the same lavender throughout the menu – the Ritz Carlton genius chef put together the menu and everything tasted different and completely and utterly delicious.

A tiny jar of lavender honey sat on each napkin as a favor for the guests to take a little bit of the wedding home with them.
Isn’t love Sweet? They truly were “Meant to Bee”.
The overall view of the wedding reception before the guests entered. So Pretty =)

The Vendor Team: Wedding Coordinator: Jackie Farah Fernandez for Jackie Ohh… Events. Venue: The Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove. Photography: Martha and Jesus Ramirez for Unique Design Studios. Floral Design and Decor Rick Interian for Avamt Gardens. Linens and Rental- AB Cover Designers. Confectioner: Rosie Cunil for Elegant Temptations. Thank you all- yet again, a fabulous job by ALL of you.

Autumn and Travis’ Intimate South Beach Wedding

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

How amazing is this couple? Autumn and Tavis had a very intimate South Beach wedding on Sunday, May 3rd 2009 at the Palms Hotel south Beach. I have to admit, I had a first- I have never done a wedding with 39 guests before. I am so glad I had the chance to – it was so perfect! They all had a blast and everything was beyond perfect. Congrats Love Bugs- I wish you nothing but the best always.

Amy Hill took all of the images below. Not only is she such a joy to work with, the images she captures are stunning. Thank you so much Amy, my friend, the pics are beautiful! You can visit Amy and see her great work at

Meet the Gorgeous Couple!

There is nothing like walking down the aisle in Prada – I Love Love SHOES =)

Rick Interian from Avant Gardens and I delivered the Peony bouquet to Autumn while she was getting ready… her expression is priceless. It needs no further explanation. You think she was happy? lol
This is what we live for.

Autumn’s dress was one of the most unique gowns I had ever seen. The ribbon work on the bodice was so different and flattering and the tons of layers of fabric throughout the bottom of the dress was the perfect combination for a one-of-a-kind dress.

The Man of Honor doing his duty and holding the bouquet during the ceremony. He felt somewhat uncomfortable so he hid the bouquet behind his back. Ha Ha Caught Ya! LOL

She walked her way down the aisle, they exchanged rings, pledged their love, and the Big kiss- Married At Last!

Now, it’s time for some amazing pictures on the beach- just the two of them.
How Sweet it is to Love and to be Loved.

Rick and I designed a simple, monochromatic, and textured table for the wedding reception. The chairs were mahogany chiavari chairs with white dupioni silk cushions. The linen on the 40 foot table was a custom white dupioni silk with a custom made chartreuse green runner down the center of the table. It was fresh, simple, and elegant- just what they wanted.

The glass cylinders were filled with shades of bright green and crisp white flowers. Each cylinder was wrapped with a lilac satin ribbon and crystal, square broaches in the middle. Autumn wanted a little glitz to her moder, garden wedding. This was the perfect place to add just of touch of glam.

Autumn and Travis when they first saw their reception. Their faces say it all. Utter Happiness – I could not have asked for more.

A Toast To the Bride and Groom

Paaaaaaaaaaarty!!!!!!!!!!! More like Party Animals.

What an amazing night for the sweetest wedding.

And They Lived Happily Ever After…

It was such a pleasure working with Autumn and Travis. They were so laid back and enjoyed every second of their wedding. Thank you for letting me be such an intricate part of your wedding. It was an amazing experience and your families are so great. Give a big kiss to the little guy for me.

Wedding Coordinator: Jackie Farah Fernandez for Jackie Ohh… events. Venue: Palms Hotel South Beach. Photographer: Amy Hill from Thank you Rick Interian and Avant Gardens- another awesome job.

Come Fly With ME! Rich and Roxy Chirico

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Talk about an amazing Love Story. Not too long ago These two random individuals met at a restaurant in Miami – He was from out of town getting a bite to eat and she was in between appointments trying to grab a quick lunch. One thing led to another and they soon went on their first date. Who would have known that despite the face that they lived thousands of miles away, they would make it through- enough to realize they were soul mates.

We used their love story for the inspiration behind their engagement Shoot. The extremely talented and none other Martha Ramirez from UDS Photo came up with the idea for them to go totally “Casablanca” in an airplane hanger with vintage airplanes. This shoot was planned down to the tea- literally! Photographers, Hair and make Up, Videographers etc were all present to shoot this ultimately unique engagement shoot. The title, Come Fly With Me … as you can imagine I totally used this in the most unique way for the wedding- To see how I used their romantic and amazing e-pics at the wedding, click on this great video by Artex Productions at link below to watch!

To watch the video of their Engagement shoot and the Introduction of their wedding, click on this link. You can visit Artex at . Please allow the entire video to load before watching. Enjoy!

To watch an intro to the wedding video, visit Enjoy!

So, now that you got a taste of what an amazing wedding we put together for Rich and Roxy, here are the details… Thanks to Martha Ramirez and Christina Mendoza from UDS Photo for thier amazing work. The images are breathtaking.

This is all you Christy! Rock it girl!

Roxy with her bridal party. I love the color combination she choose for her bridesmaids. It was such a rich color and it complimented the Gothic, yet extremely elegant wedding we designed for Roxy. She knew exactly what she wanted- well colors that is. Hot Pink, Red, Black, and More RED!!!!! Right down my alley- something different, a bride is not afraid of color and she is daring, and wait- red! My favorite color- a match made in heaven =). As you saw from the video, they are very very much in love. Together with her color scheme and the Gothic yet ultra chic reception style she was going for, I had my hands full- I love a challenge and we nailed it if I must say. Roxy and Rich were overwhelmed by excitement when they saw it all put together. The guests were in awe!

So, how amazing is this centerpiece to the place card tables? Pave’ roses and tons of candles… what more could a girl want? It was stunning and soooo perfect for this wedding. On the left side of the table was a blown up picture of the first image on this post with “Come Fly with Me” in RED! complimented with glass cylinders and floating candles along the back side of the table. On the table were the place cards each attached to a matte silver airplane luggage tag. The place card would say, Mr and Mrs. Smith, Come Fly with Me to Dubai (the name of the table). Roxy and Richard named each of their tables places they plan to visit together. The bride and Groom’s royal table was Aruba, their honeymoon destination.

On the right side of the centerpiece was a table with an antique luggage trunk with vintage postcards all scattered throughout the table. UDS made these adorable vintage postcards for the couple. It had a space for each guest to write their wish to the couple on the left and on the right, it said “Come Fly with Me, Come Fly, Come Fly Away. It’s perfect for an Aruba Honeymoon they Say, Come Fly with Me, Come Fly, Let’s Fly Away”. I absolutely love how Incorporated their long distance relationship couple with their frequent flying to see each other into the cutest of details on their wedding day. =)

One of my favorite parts of the wedding- the decor and the details! Elongated arrangements of fresh moss, various shades of red roses, Burgundy cymbidium orchids, fuchsia hydrangeas, hyperacum berries, hand painted black and fuchsia feathers, and strawberries were used in all of the centerpieces. Oh yes, you read correctly… strawberries! It was such an amazing detail to the table. They were laid and tucked in strategic places on the table to make the look totally complete. We used a gold candelabras in the middle of each table and red champagne, wine, and water goblets to add romance and the essence of goth that Roxy wanted. The look was beautiful, romantic, and Gothic- unique and different- right up my alley.

The Menu Cards were designed in Black and Hot Pink to stand out from the Black satin napkin and black acrylic charger plates on the red/navy pin tuck linens. Custom-Made dupioni bands were made in red to accent color on each napkin. The combination was breathtaking!

Hot Pink LED lighting was used in the perimeter of the room to make the ballroom glow and added some funk to the reception style. Moving patterns in hot pink swayed around the entire ballroom giving the room personality and enhancing the romantic evening.

Candles, Candles, and More Candles. You can never have enough.

Aruba, the Main Table of the evening. Various clusters of candles, and flowers adorned the front of the table. It was just enough to not be over the top but enough to make the table look lush and compact.

The room had an interesting layout- one of my favorite ever! We used the head table against the main windows in the ballroom. Royal tables seating 24 guests “flanked” the main table on each side (diagonally). The rest of the tables were set diagonal and around the diamond shaped dance floor. Everything about it was not traditional- love it!

And she does it again! My friend Rosie is a genius, I have nothing else to say (which is so weird lol). The layers of fondant on the cake mocked the the brides dress and the buttons on the cake were exactly how the buttons on the back of the dress were. Simple, Elegant, and Perfectly, Flawlessly Stunning!

At midnight, we rolled out a six foot tall candy station filled with jars of fuchsia, red, gold, and white candies! I have come to learn that adults are more in love with candy than children are. Perhaps it is all of the liquor and partying that gets them to crave sugar!

I added this photo because it was the funniest event of the evening. Ladies and Gentleman, this is the extent that WE go through to get the perfect lighting in a room. The AMAZING team of staff there took out the long poles and untwisted every single light making the room to bright. Within 10 minutes we had the perfect lighting, it was time to invite the guests in and start partying!

After a long evening of partying, they were so happy to be married… off to Aruba! Bon Voyage –
Go Fly, Go Fly Away! Hugs and Kisses!

What an amazing journey it was for all of us who were involved in this wedding. Roxy and Rich, you guys are the cutest and I wish you nothing but the best all the days of your lives. Thank you for putting ALL of your trust in me. I hope to see you very very soon. Maybe I’ll take a trip to Chicago soon. Muah*

Wedding Coordinator: Jackie Farah Fernandez and Day of Execution Manager Jessica Rico for Jackie Ohh… Events. Venue: Edon Roc South Beach, Photogrpahers: Martha and Jesus Ramirez and Christina Mendoza, for UDS Photo. Videography by Ricardo from Artex Productions. To the design team- you rocked the house! Congrats- you all did a phenomenal job.

Casa Casuarina ~ Jackie Ohh… Style

Friday, April 24th, 2009
On April 4th, 2009(and the hottest day of the entire year might I add) Tom Chillot and Kristi Crisafulli tied the knot at what is known as South Beach’s most treasured property, Casa Casuarina (the mansion of the late Versace). This home is more a museum than an exclusive hotel. With only 7 suites, it is the most exclusive venue in all of South Florida. Together with his two beautiful children, Tom and Kristi partied the night away with their closest friends and family whom all of which flew in from all over the world. Congratulations and We wish you the best.
I wanted to post every single picture I had of this wedding but unfortunately I had to narrow them down. The pictures came out amazing! Thank you to Martha and Jesus Ramirez from Unique Design Studios. Just when I think you cannot surprise me, you do.

Please visit them at

Giant 13 foot trees lined the backdrop of the ceremony. Although the pool made of bizzaza tiles made of 24 carat gold are amazing to look at, we wanted to create a scenery that not only would compliment the property but would be classic, simple, and unique. Clusters of over sized hallow candles At this venue, less is more!

I am all about the details! Each family members seat had their name on a heavy card stock paper tied with an elegant satin ribbon. Not only does it make the chair look pretty, it assures the family members that there chair will be reserved for them and they will not forget where they sit after they walk down the aisle. The seats second row were not assigned however each seat had a reserved sign attached to it. It worked great and looked beautiful!
In lue of favors, the bride and groom wanted to send a monetary gift to three charities. Each of their guests were able to print their name on these charity card and chose the charity of their choice. Frames were place on this table describing each of the charities and the reason the couple chose the particular organization. After the wedding, the couple made donations to each of the charities in the names of the guests as per their choice. It is such a great idea to donate to charity instead of giving out trinkets. The participation of the guests really gets them involved and makes it so much more personal and meaningful.
Although every aspect of a wedding is my favorite part, I would have to say the decor is probably my all-time favorite part of the wedding. Even more so when the ceremony location gets transformed into a completely different look for the reception. If you notice, the ceremony looked modern and clean and the reception is soft and flowy. This gives the guests the constant element of surprise, hence more Wow- Factor.
Chef Dale Rey prepared the most amazing menu for this wedding. The first course was a carpacio of Maine lobster, then the first of two main entrees – roasted filet Mignon and following with pan seared grouper! I thought that the guests would not be able to eat two entrees but the food was so amazing, they all did! I couldn’t believe it!
The couple was very easy going when it came to the decor – they put it in all in our hands. Rick Interian and I both worked on the details to make this reception spectacular. When they saw their sample and loved it, Rick and I knew we had struck gold! Simple, elegant, all about the details- it made the reception fit right in with the gorgeous mansion. Avant Gardens did a stupendous job putting together all of the floral details for the wedding.

Hanging candles were added to these huge trees that now set the stage for the bride and groom’s head table. Using candles and blue lighting, were able to create the perfect ambiance; The essence of romance is so important to maintain at an outdoor, evening wedding. We did not use pin spots in the tent since the look of this wedding was more soft and flowy. The saturated hues of blue and the tons of candles used in the table filled the clear tent with just the right amount of like and made the entire reception glow (hence not needing the extra enhancement of pins).

Miniature crystal buckles were placed through black velvet ribbon and tied around in each glass cylinder. The buckle and ribbon accent made each cylinder have character and added a sparkle factor. I love love love using buckles, then again I love using anything that sparkles! =p The hallow candles that were used down the aisle at the ceremony were moved to various locations around the reception. Again, using the same element in a different location for a complete different look. I try to re-use items as often as I can; however I make sure it looks different somehow.

One of my favorite pictures! Munchkin!
This spectacular cake was designed by my favorite confectioner, Rosie Cunille. Amazingly she took smallest fabric sample of the Bride’s Oscar de la Renta gown and replicated it perfectly on the cake. Adding crystal accents to each flower was just the right touch to make this cake out-of-this-world amazing! It truly was flawless and prob. one of the prettiest cakes I have ever seen. What is a party without a little entertainment? Not my type of party at least! These performers were great! they actually did acrobats with the brother of the bride! It was enjoyable and hilarious. The entertainment was the greatest ending to an amazing four course dinner and the ideal beginning to a true South Beach PARTY!
One of SOBE’s premier Club DJ’s spinned the best of old school jams and top 40 hits. What an amazing Party!

Wedding Coordinator: Jackie Farah Fernandez and Day of Execution Managers Jessica Rico and Jennifer Gonzalez for Jackie Ohh… Events. Venue: Casa Casuarina, South Beach. A special thanks to Chef Dale Rey and Stazzie Appleyard. Girl, there are too many words I would have to say to you =) lol, I will some it all up with “Thank YOU”. Martha and Jesus Ramirez from UDS Photo- amazing as always. Rick Interian and Avant Gardens you totally Rocked It dude! Rosie Cunille I don’t have to tell you what you already know. To the rest of the vendor team and the Gansevoot Hotel- Thank You!