Double the Birthday – Double the Fun!

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

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Twins are so much fun!!!!!!! These twin girls are so loved by so many people, but not more than by Mom and Dad. The twin’s mom contacted and wanted to plan an amazing event that would be memorable for all of her guests and a blast for her twins. The theme of the metamorphosis of butterflies was established by Mom but it was up to me and the Glam Squad to make it come to life. They thankfully gave me a love of freedom in conceptualizing the design and coming up with the ideas. So….. Let the fun begin!

Martha Ramirez and Mayleen Gonzalez for UDS Photo joined in for the fun that night ad took the great pictures below. Thank you so much ladies for everything. =)

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Our Fabu-Venue was White Space, an empty warehouse off of 595 and Sheridan St. We used the largest of the two studios which has a pre-function area and a large event space. The pre-function we split into two- the left as a MEGA entrance and the other for the flip book photo booth which you will see more about below. Rick Interian and his Avant Gardens design team hung a wooden structure from the ceiling over the entrance table scape. Mechanical butterflies were added throughout the entrance piece and were so life-like; it truly made this more of a show stopper. On the wall, we hung two canvases (one of each girl) for guests to write them a Happy Birthday note.

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Uplyte did a great job on the draping and the lighting. They now have White Space permanently draped which is great! The lighting around the room was a soft purple with a mix of pink. It was the perfect combination for our bright decor and whispie ambiance.  Gobos were made to replicate the butterflies on the invitation and they placed on the draping behind the cakes.

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The cake table was so fun to design. Cake confectioner extraordinaire, Rosie Cunil of Elegant Temptations took our ideas and colors and ran with the wind. She custom made acrylic pieces to hold up the twin cakes as well as the mini parfaits that were placed behind them. Hanging crystals and butterflies were placed on the table and acrylic  to incorporate our butterfly theme.

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Alexia’s Cake, Olivia’s Cake, and some yummy desserts for guests. When we sang Happy Birthday and the twins blew out their candles, we had a massive confetti blast to start the night off right!!!!!! So cute!

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I love the set up of this event. We set it as a cocktail style reception as there was never a chance to do anything else BUT party. =) There were several sets of tables both high and low. We added 8ft long tables extended 48″ inches in height to add something a little different to the decor. All of the floral decor we kept very organic but with pop colors as our twins LOVED pink and orange.  Furniture from Room Service Rentals was placed throughout the room and in the VIP lounges.

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In the shoe valet, the twins had custom made converse to match their dresses. SOsoooo cute!

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We had two separate VIP lounges in the space, an Adult only lounge and a Teens lounge. Its important to assure that the adults have an area that is seprate from the teens to be able to order alcoholic beverages. When parents come to drop their kids off, this will make them feel assured that their teen will not try any funny business. Plus, any time you have a large event, I highly suggest you hire a reputable bartending/catering company who will not under any circumstances allow under age drinking. In creating a Teens bar, they felt just as important in their section. We served a fruit punch as the signature drink and it was embellished with three butterfly gummy candies with a skewer- it made it looks cool! Kids love cool lol.

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Chris from Delicious Catering did a great job in making all of the stations yummy and oh so delicious. We served kids comfort food but upped it up a notch and added some gourmet touches to it. This was a great way to make sure that every guest would like the options on the stations.

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We hired CircX to come and bring out the girls to their party. I love these customs, they actually light up! The butterfly ladies did an acro-improvisational performance and then they brought out the birthday girls. It was cute and so unexpected, the guests loved it!

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In the middle of the party which by the way was off the chain! thanks to Big Will, Power Parties, and the Fabulous and Famous Miami DJ, DJ ZOG, we opened up the photo booth room. This allowed the guests to go into the room and enjoy doing the photo flip books a favors and great memories of the night.

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Happy Birthday Olivia and Alexa! It was a great pleasure working with you and your family in this magical night. Congrats to the Mendez Family!

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Thank YOU SO MUCH to all of our vendors. It is so important to me that I take the time to thank them after each post as without them, we would not be able to what we do. To Dan Cohen and his team at UPLYTE and White Space for all of their hard work and allowing us to take over =). To Rick Interian and his Avant Gardens team- you did a stupendous job! Chris from Delicious Catering- ab-so-lute-ly delicious! Circx and Power Parties– Thank you so much for the great entertainment!

Are You Juicy or Couture?

Thursday, September 4th, 2008
Happy Birthday Stephanie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW you had the time of your life and I can’t tell you how happy I am that your family, friends, and specially you had such an amazing experience.

It was so much fun working with Stephanie and her mom on her 15’s bash! We started sitting at their kitchen table talking about things Steph loved. She loved everything- a girly girl. She wanted a theme to her party but something that was out of the realm of anything she had ever seen… easy task huh? Well, I had asked about a dozen questions to get to know what she loved and the it hit me… it hit me! We should do a party with two faces! It was so Stephanie- she is such a charismatic young lady and she is a party animal; she would go for my “out of the ordinary concept” She loved to shop and I noticed Juicy Couture on her. I said, what about Juicy. for the young adults and Couture for the adults. They loved the idea and we ran with it.

Isa and Stephanie have witnessed many events that I have planned and completely put everything, especially the decor in my hands…. What an honour and a challenge! Here are some pictures of the event… Enjoy!

Meet the Birthday Girl… Stephanie Rico

I designed the event in two sides. Each side’s layout was different but using the same size tables (such as high 6 foot royals, High Boys, and Cocktail Rounds) for continuity, but both sides were very different. The fist was for the young adults; Juicy! The tables were dressed in a delicious shade of grape satin with chiavari Charis and stools with matching grape cushions. The glassware was all ordered to look like a modern candy store and decoratively filled with yummy candies! This was a hug hit- with the adults too!Feathers in teal and grape were utilized throughout the designs to enhance the over all look and to add a bit of couture to our Juicy reception style

The lighting on this side of the room was a deep plum to match the decor. On the sides of the walls were Hot Pink “Juicy” gobos.

Custom-Made frosted, acrylic floor tables were made for this event. We designed a cool pomander and feather boa centrepiece for these lounge areas. Matching pillows were custom-made as well to finish the design. As soon as the party started, the kids were all around these tables. They loved it!

The Couture Side! The adults were seated on this colorful and chic side of the reception. Teal blue with silver chiavari stools and chairs with teal cushions to match. Flowers, feathers, and candles was used throughout this side of the room to enhance the theme. elegant, chic couture.

Mirrored, crystal chandeliers were placed strategically in the middle of the adult reception for an ultimate wow factor! The entire side of this room was lit in teal and corresponding with the young adult side, Hot Pink “Couture” gobos were on the walls surrounding the area.
Mannequins were implemented in the decor to define the couture look we were going for. Our florist rocked the house (as always). He is amazing at gasping any idea, no mater how crazy and make it come to life. Thank you so much! Amazing Job!

Let them eat Cake! Each cake was designed differently. The cake designer did a fabulous job and making each design distinct. We wanted to make sure they looked scrumptious yet modern and chic…. A Couture and Yummy detail.

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

Fun Photo Station: Isa and I came up with the craziest props for the guests to wear and take pictures with. A separate photographer was hired to take pictures of the guests as they partied with their props. At the end of the night, all of the pictures were printed on site and given to the each guest accordingly as they left. I loved this great detail…. It’s a great way for the guests to remember what an amazing evening it was.

So, Let’s Paaaaaaaaaaarty!

They had a BLAST!

Music Videos and a live simulcast was playing on 42″ plasma Tv’s the entire party- loved this…. it got everyone rowed up. I’ve been to Amazing Parties…. this is at the top of my list for sure! Look at that dance floor. By the way, this picture as taken about 1/2 hour before the party ended…. everybody was on that dance floor the Entire night!

even at 1am they were still partying like it was 1999 ( these kids would have no idea what song that is… wow I feel old). Love love love everything about this party Isa and Steph , thank you so much for allowing me to take my crazy idea and letting me run with it. I had a blast. I look forward to future events with you and our families. Muah*

Event Desinger/Coordinator; Jackie Farah Fernandez, Day of Assistance, Jessica Vega for Jackie Ohh… Events. To all of the Vendors: Thank you! Amazing Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Douglas Entrance thank you for assisting us and being so easy going.