D.I.S.T.U.R.B.I.A on Wisteria Lane

January 27th, 2011

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I never post anything of my own, hence, after soooo many times of people asking me to post my wedding, I have yet to do it.  I have to post this one though! O.M.G. I kind out out did myself on a birthday party for my two little girls. My daddy agrees with me LOL.

MAS, Miami Art Space was the venue of choice for this grande party. It had to be a space that I could transform and that had multiple function areas in order for my vision to come to life. This was a special event for me as we were celebrating the birthdays of my two little sisters.  It was so hard coming up with a theme that was going to be exciting just by saying the theme and one that would be totally unique! I didn’t want to do anything ANYONE has EVER done before. I typically get these crazy ideas at the strangest times. This theme was born on 826 while I was driving to the Mandarin Oriental to meet a client. =)

Soooo many people have asked me how the heck did I come up with this theme? My answer is easy: If you know my sisters, Jessie is adorable and very girly. She’s studious and loves to learn about everything. She’s a homebody like me  but has a wild side too when we get a little champagne in her lol. More than anything, she loves things primped and perfect like a street lined with white, picket fenced houses. The only street I could think of was “Wisteria Lane”. It fit her perfectly!

Steph aka Toooootsie! is ALL over the place lol. She is such a character and always is having a great time. She’s a clown and constantly making everyone laugh. She LOVES to shop, talk on the phone, PARTYING, and pretty much anything that involves having a good time, yeah- she is pretty much all over the place. One of my favorite songs and movies for that matter is Disturbia, so I thought, perfect, “Disturbia” is perfect to describe Steph.

Since they are so different, Steph is the Disturbia is Jessie’s Wisteria Lane, hence the theme, Disturbia on Wisteria Lane. Thank you so much to Martha, Jesus, and Marlene at UDS Photo for joining the craziness and documenting it all. Awesome – <3 U!

So, I welcome you to explore both of my baby sisters’ Birthday BASH!  Enjoy!

…  I’d like to introduce you to the characters of Disturbia…

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The character in the middle picture of the top row greeted each of our guests at the Step and Repeat  as they walked into Wisteria Lane. He’s such a an amazing person and his character fit him well as he joked around with all of our guests. They got to take pictures with him at the S&R. The rest of the characters came out in the Disturbia After Party. Crazzzzzzzzzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so so so thankful to Rick Interian and his design team at Avant Gardens!!!! WOW is all I can say. Ricki has been doing events with me for years. It’s come to a point where I don’t even have to tell him what I like… although I ALWAYS make sure to tell him in which I get the rolling of the eyes lol. I guess that is what happens when you’ve been working with somebody so long that you are more like family than co-workers. =) We had two meetings and did one walk thru. Told him what I was envisioning and thats it! Love him!  This entrance piece was so perfect. it was primped and girly, and oh so suburbia looking. Welcome to Wisteria Lane everybody (well, 250 family and friends).

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Speaking of family and friends… here are a couple of pics of our specials guests. The first to the left is our friends/family and oh so talented hair and mani/pedi genius’ at Elements Salon Studio. Albert custom designed the outfits the girls were wearing and Juan Carlos did their amazing hair styles ~ Geee-Nius! Cheers Friends!

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As stated above, Wisteria Lane was designed to be frilly and girly, and well, perfect! jeje. An oversized peacock fence was the back drop to one of the semi-circle bars from Room Service Rentals. The high bistro rectangle and small cocktail rounds were dressed in plum dupioni linens with fuchsia and plum overlays that consisted of organza cut outs in circular patterns (from AB Covers). The design was paired with black chairs/stools and plum colored cushions for some pizzaz. Small furntiure groupings were strategically placed throughout the outside area to invite guests to sit for a while and chat with some friends.

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Anyone who knows me, KNOWS I’m all about the lighting – it’s the key element to ANY event. My buddy Dan from Uplyte is so amazing. He too knows me so well its scary. The space was lit in bright pinks and soft and stark patterns for that little bit of funk to illustrate my idea of Wisteria Lane.  Ricki designed some oh-so-funky florals to accent the tables and to make the first part of the event tailored and complete! Thanks friends!!!!!!

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Here are some pictures of our family and some friends at the party.

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In speaking with my design team, I wanted to do something different with the display of our fantastic stations. I knew Jorge Mena was going to do something super tasty and fun so I wanted to present it in a way that matched the uniqueness of our event. Well… here it is- floating stations. Thankfully our vendors like to push the envelope a bit cause this was no walk in the park but we got it done and it was the talk of the party. It can not be easy serving on a station that can sway back and forth like a swing lol. Mena Catering prepared mini entree’s for the evening that were both passed and at the stations. For example, tomato bisque with grilled goat cheese sandwiches, martini’s glasses with puffy white rice, picadillo, a fried quail egg, and chopped platanitos…just to name a few =)  I’m getting hungry reliving our menu.

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The transition room!!!!!! I felt that since I had basically two events in one that I needed a room which was somewhat neutral and different to be in between the first and latter half of the evening. Therefore, I used gallery one as what it is- a gallery of fine art and an Aroma Espresso Coffee Station – who can live without coffee?. On the main wall of the gallery, we hung ornate, distressed silver mirrors along with canvases of pictures of my sisters done by Martha Ramirez of UDS which guests could write their Happy Birthday wishes to the girls. Juan Carlos Navas, a renown artist and very close friend, showcased these two pieces of amazing art he created for my sisters. They were then featured in his solo show in Wynwood in November 2010.  In the center of the room hung a chandelier of white feathers which if you paid attention to the details in the blog, My youngest sister’s skirt was almost the same… that was not a coincidence ;). Ricki and his team hung hundreds of white, pink, and purple butterflies throughout the ceiling ALL meeting up at the center of this chandelier. It was breathtaking! We invited all of the guests into the room, turned off the lights, and sang happy birthday to my babies. Confetti Blast and to Disturbia after party. The best part was that not many guests were expecting another room since it was draped off.

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Rosie Cunil (from Elegant Temptations) another amazing artist, designed these two cakes for my sisters. She also designed each and every one of these mini parfait desserts that were displayed on yet another floating station. Incredible! I cannot event tell you what a hit this was! The cake to the left was Jessie’s as she was turning 25. The cake was pink and whispie. It was made to be a girly garden -ike scene with beautiful sugar butterflies and a white picket fence surrounding the acrylic base it was sitting in. Inside that acrylic box, Rosie made it look like sand with tiny Crystal accents. OMG adorable. AND Stephanie’s cake, was dark and psychedelic. The wings of the butterflies were transformed into funky shapes that turned this cake into something deliciously disturbing. Her acrylic box was a mirrored replica of the design on the cake but inside the box was water pearls in deep plums to give the cake that dark and mysterious feel. I am always blown away by my friend and the way she transforms my themes into a piece of art. Needless to say, we had cake for weeks!

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This is D.I.S.T.U.R.B.I.A!!!!!

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Where do I start? This after party was so amazing. We combined black tables with the white furniture to add a bit of contrast to our all white room. I didn’t feel that Disturbia was dark and disturbing. I always looked at it as having elements of funk, girly-goth, and absolutely Nuts! Ricki designed floral pieces with deep red flowers to bring in the essence of girly-goth and the black vases he used were perfect for the space! Silver candle pedestals and candelabras were placed around the lounges. Uplyte showcased  their water wall for the first time at this event. This was a show all on it’s own. Check out my sister’s expressions when they saw it for the first time… priceless!

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As guests walked in, the waterfall would read “Happy Birthday Jessica & Stepahnie 03.20.10” then after a little bit of dancing it read “Disturbia on Wisteria Lane”. Loved it ! Thank you Dan I know it was beyond a pain in the neck to get it in there but you always amaze me. For that and much more, Im always extremely grateful.

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All of our bars inside Disturbia were made of Ice. It was such an incredible addition to our event. The guests loved it and on a side note, it kept us cool when there were tons of people dancing club style!

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Any party where you are planning to dance until the wee hours of the morning needs a shoe valet. What girl did not go nuts when she saw this? Thankfully the munchkin took a picture of it the way we set it up cause it didn’t look like this 4 minutes after we opened the doors lol. Gotta Love Old Navy =).

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Here are some pictures of the decor in different phases of LED light changes. Lighting is key. There has to be room for lighting in your event budget as it sets the tine for the type of party you are going to have.

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We are very lucky to have a great group of friend that knows how to party. At midnight we did the Hora Loca and that was a crazy hour I’ll never forget!

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Some Industry Peeps who were there to celebrate my sisters with me. Martha and Jesus from UDS, Ricki from AVant Gardens and  Rosie Cunil from Elegant Temptations – Love you guys!

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Michael Sarysz rocked the beats!!!!!!! The guests loved him! AND we had a surprise performance from

none other than artist, Felipe Biatti. Thanks friend!

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Thank you so very much to my beautiful sisters and my parents for trusting me so much with this party (not that you really had a choice lol just kidding ). Throughout the planning I hardly got asked any questions other than what should I wear? lol They know I can throw a great party! To my friends, Martha and Jesus from UDS Photo, Ricki Interian and his design Team and Avant Gardens, Dan and his crew from UPLYTE, Rosie Cunil from Elegant Temptations, Diana Lozano from Circx, Michael Sarsyz from Sarz Entertainment,Jorge Mena and everyone at Mena Catering, Aroma Espresso, MAC Parking, Mandy at Room Service Rentals, AB Cover Designers, Juan Carlos Navas and Elements Salon, Quintin Quintero fro Channel, and everyone who was such an important part of planning and executing this grande event. I will forever be grateful for all the hard work. it was party my family and I will never forget. Heck, the guests are still raving about the party!

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A Jackie Ohh… Wedding featured in Vera Wang Unveiled

January 26th, 2011

I was sitting in Maloman’s studio today with a beautiful bride and he says, “hey, did you see Kathy and Jesse’s wedding on the Vera Wang Unveeiled blog?” Huh? What? No! Surprise, Surprise! It was posted this morning as a real wedding on her blog! How exciting!!!!!

Thank you Kathy for submitting the wedding. I am dying to blog this wedding. It was amazing! I promise, it will be the next blog I post. =)  Malomans, you guys are awesome! Good Times! Cheers.

Check out the link HERE:

Thanks for letting me share!

Alicia and David

January 15th, 2011

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Alicia and David chose the beautiful Biltmore Hotel for their destination wedding. Some of the guests were local but for the majority of them, they had to travel across the world in order to join the bride and groom on such a special day. Alicia’s Mom, Catalina lives in South Florida and she was able to help Alicia alot in her planning. The wedding was very colorful and really focused on what Alicia loves, Italian, garden elegance. Sometimes it is very difficult to put together the inspirations that the bride has for her wedding but with a little bit of creativity, we can accomplish anything. Typically Italian means tuscan and Garden translates to English Garden. As a bride, it is so important to convey your ideas, likes, dislikes, etc to your design team as we hold the key to what the wedding will end up looking like. Alicia knew exactly what she wanted and was very eloquent in telling us everything about what she loved and how she pictures her wedding. Join me as I walk you through Alicia and David’s wedding day.

Thank you very very very much to Rodrigo Varela for such great images! Please click HERE and check out his work!

[singlepic id=1023 w=700 float=center]

Rodrigo caught Alicia chatting with one of her bridesmaids right before she got dressed. I love this picture as it is says so much about the reality of the wedding day. Everyone is soooo excited about the wedding the bride’s phone typically is ringing all day long. Thankfully, it is always with good wishes for her day and a lot of “I can’t wait to see you later”. Kathryn Parrish designed her bouquet. I am a huge fan of flowers in any color however when working with bright color palettes you have to be sure that is done perfectly and this is one of those examples. It has to be one of my favorite bouquets of 2010. Genius Kate! <3

[singlepic id=1024 w=700 float=center]

Meet David, the groom and his groomsmen. Right after the “first glance” is a great time to take pictures with your bridal party. Many times, the available light is not good for pictures after a ceremony at sunset. You can get the best of both worlds by doing it before the ceremony. Not to mention you cut your “post wedding pictures” list at least half if not knock it out all before the wedding. It allows you to enjoy your cocktail hour and say hello for the few hundred guests that have made it a long way to be with you on your wedding day.

[singlepic id=1028 w=700 float=center]

Isn’t she lovely? Alicia is so sweet! She was all smiles- always! Love it!  Although Alicia was a classic bride- she decided on a slim A-ine lace gown, wore her hair in a simple bun, and her pearl jewelry was simple and delicate, her colorful bouquet really pulled her look together. So many brides are afraid of color with their bouquets, but it can be such an amazing enhancement to your overall look. I would always advise our clients that their bouquet is not only a reflection of the wedding but an accessory to your overall look.

Alicia and David’s first look, so cute and so emotional! This has to be one of my favorite moments in the day. You know that these two have been envisioning this for many months, sometimes, even years and it finally gets to be the time! The time where they see each other for the first time on what will be the most important day in their lives. I always try to get a great peak at their special moment, many times I find myself wiping off a tear or two, but it hits a soft side in everyone!

[singlepic id=1029 w=700 float=center]

If you are considering seeing your bride or groom before the wedding ceremony, I would strongly suggest it. So many brides ask me if it “takes away the moment when your walking down the aisle and your groom sees you for the first time”. Many photographers like Rodrigo Varela spend a lot of time setting up this moment to make it as special as if he was seeing you for the first time walking down the aisle. It definitely comes down to personal preference but some of the greatest pictures have ever seen are from the first glance.

The Ceremony! WOW!!!!!!! This canopy was even more breathtaking in person.

[singlepic id=1025 w=700 float=center]

Pink and Purple phalaenopsis orchids and roses, antique green and ivory hydrangeas, curly willow, and green foliage made of this amazing canopy inspired by Alicia’s love of the whispie garden motif. Candles in mason jars hung from the inside of the structure. Although we started when there was still sunlight, candles can still add the essence of romance down the aisle. We strategically time the ceremony to start in the daylight but end in dusk. It makes for a great experience for your guests as they sit and watch you marry your soulmate.

[singlepic id=1027 w=700 float=center]

Mr. and Mrs. Castro!  … and let the party begin ….

[singlepic id=1026 w=700  float=center]

[singlepic id=1030 w=700 float=center]

As you can see Alicia and David’s colors are slate grey, hot pink, purple, plum, and green. The giant floral arrangement sat on a pewter candelabra. Mini lamp shades sat at the base of the table to add candlelight to the table scape. More and more we are trying to add candle light to tables without using the usual floating candle in a cylinder. The linen we chose was a dark pewter linen that would match perfectly with the shades of purple on the table. A glass silver beaded charger was placed a every seat. The napkin was folded in a way to form a pocket in the size of the menu. Catalina purchased small angel ornaments in italy when she was last there. She brought them back and wanted to use them somewhere in the tables. We put them on each napkin so that it would add another detail to the cymbidium orchid that adorned each plate.

Advice: We always request the catering captains to keep the chargers on the tables thru dessert (unless we are using rectablge or sqaure plates. It’s the best way to make the most of the money spent of this accessory.

Mixing these colors in the flowers made for a great centerpiece to reflect the whispie garden feel. Monochromatic flowers are much more modern, so mixing the flowers and the colors combined with the loose mechanics of the arrangement makes this the perfect look for the wedding.

[singlepic id=1047 w=700 float=center]

As another sweet and sentimental detail, tent cards were placed on the table that read: “In gratitude for our blessing we have made a donation to the building fund of the Mano Amiga School is Zipaquira, Columbia. It was towards this very special school that Alicia’s late grandmother, Adiela Bernate de Uribe, devoted her efforts for many years.” Donations to charities in lue of favors is a growing trend. It’s a great way to show how thankful you are for the many blessings you have received. It is also a great way to inform your guests about your favorite charity.

[singlepic id=1048 w=700 float=center]

Some of the details of the wedding. An after dinner lounge was placed on the Southwest Terrace of the Alhmabra Ballroom.

[singlepic id=1046 w=700 float=center]

The cake was in line with our theme and the bride surprised her groom with a grooms cake to look like a box of cigars. Todo Dulces did a great job in replicating an actual box Alicia provided them with.

[singlepic id=1049 w=700 float=center]

Catalina surprised her daughter and new son with mariachi’s. In their family, there is No special event that lacks this musical entertainment. They played for about 20 minutes and the guests then danced the night away!!!!!!!!!!!!

[singlepic id=1050 w=700 float=center]

Thank you so much for taking the journey thru the many details of Alicia and David’s Wedding, A special thank you goes to first and foremost, my amazing team, I love you girls! ,The Biltmore Hotel, Dave Clavette, Bruce Barbaree and Dbeorah Howard, Rodrigo Varela, Kathryn Parrish and the Parrish Design Team, DJ Ubi Merrero, Alan Andai from AA Musicians, Todo Dulces, and all of the other vendors and people who came together to make this wedding flawless.

Stephanie & Josh

January 12th, 2011

[monoslideshow id=61 w=820 h=300]

Talk about a wedding with true style and unique elements! It was something straight out of “Style Me Pretty“. Stephanie and Josh’s wedding was inspired by the ornate and whispie designs of MacKenzie Childs. The black and white checkered pattern, burnt ivories, funky patterns, and unique elements (which is a reflection of each design she creates) was the perfect style combination for this wedding.  MacKenzie Childs has the most amazing way of designing everything from furniture to china making each piece a one of a kind hand made collectible. Stephanie’s Mom, Chris is a phenomenal interior designer with a great love for MacKenzie Childs; Working along side her was such a great experience for me. Welcome to a wedding that we will ALL never forget. From our 5-course wine pairing menu consisted of 45 plates per person and hand picked wines from all over the world to our experience through the. I hope you enjoy the blog as I walk you threw this one of kind wedding experience.

Amy Hill, thank you so very much for all of these great images! As always it was a great pleasure working along side with you on this wedding. Please visit her website by clicking HERE.

[singlepic id=1016 w=700 float=center]

Meet Stephanie and Josh! They are the cutest! Stephanie is smiling next her flower girl which was 6 going on 36 years old. She was such a little funny adult. The flower girl came up to me in the middle of the getting ready and said, “Jackie, I don’t think I want a big wedding. I want to marry a wealthy business man who will not want a big wedding.”  How do you not laugh at that? Josh is sitting with their two dogs who were part of the getting ready process- they hung out with the boys in the guest house. =) The bridesmaids and moms got ready in the main house – in the master bedroom which by the way had the cutest Christmas tree by the bed! Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. =)

[singlepic id=1021 w=700 float=center]

Stephanie’s mom is a true design genius! Her house is beyond amazing. He design style is amazing and so unique! It seriously belongs in a magazine. We didn’t have to do much to the home, but Chris decked it out for the holidays as she always does. Valet greeted the guests at the front gate of the home and the ceremony was slated to take place just a few feet away. All of the guests were escorted to the family room as it poured down rain about 10 minutes before we were about to start. The craziest thing is that every weather channel and website said it was going to be a beautiful day and a clear evening. A beautiful day it was however the evening – not so much! I remember standing outside getting ready for the processional when I heard “it’s raining” through my ear phones. The first thing I thought to myself was “get upstairs and calm the bride and her mom down”. I ran upstairs to keep the gang calm and they were having a blast- laughing the rain away! It was great!

[singlepic id=1017 w=700 float=center]

We moved the guests back out to the ceremony once the rain had stopped (and we had cleaned off the chairs) but with out luck, it started raining again. This happened about 4 times before we prepared to do the ceremony in the family room. As soon as we were about to start, the rain cleared, we took out a ton of umbrellas just in case we had another little surprise and we went on with the ceremony. The aisle runner was soaked but the bride laughed it off and did not let it get to her. My type of bride! As you can see Alisha and I were soaked and trying to make the best out of the situation. We were so happy we got the bride down the aisle. Now to our air-conditioned tent- Phew!

[singlepic id=1022 w=700 float=center]

Giant flocked Christmas Trees were placed around the outside of the home and inside the tent. The largest of the trees was our place card tree. Chris found a small company that would be able to make these very unique place cards. Each one was one of a kind as a hand made clay piece was added to each place card for guests to keep and put on their Christmas tree.  The sounds of one of my favorite Singers Don Juceam and his Swing Orchestra from Tampa Florida played as the guests walked into the tent. All of the tables were dressed in black and white. The center pieces were tall iron bird cages with custom platforms for pillar candles. White and yellow flowers were placed at the base of the arrangements to finish off the table scape. The amount of stemware and flatware was impressive as we have a 5 course wine pairing menu. It was the most extensive menu I had ever seen! Each course had at least three small bites of different items all within the Italian flairs. Absolutely delisio-s0!

[singlepic id=1020 w=700 float=center]

A Little Lady and the Tramp Moment that Amy Hill Captured. Below is a picture of a line up of one our courses about to be serve to the guests. Looks yummy huh? Any time you can get creative and unique- go for it! The menu is such a great way to make your wedding memorable. If your wedding is at a hotel or with a caterer, do not settle for something in a pre-set menu provided to you. Ask  to sit with the catering manager or the chef and explore your options in making the wedding more reflective of you and your fiance. The time you put into this will really pay off. Your guests will love how different the menu was and it will be yet another thing they keep talking about far after the wedding is over. This couple really enjoyed the various flavors of a great Italian menu so we put all of their favorite things in mini plates and served them throughout the evening. there were more than 45 plates per person! Wow! Talk about a lot of rentals. I was the lucky one who went through all of the racks of rentals to make sure it was all there. It took me more than 2 hours to go through it all.

[singlepic id=1018 w=700 float=center]

Go G-A-T-O-R-S! Talk about Gator Fans! The parents of the bride go to every single Gators game home or away. Our wedding planning was revolved around their season schedule. At the wedding there were so many tuxedo shirts that had the Gators logo on the back of their shirts – how cute is that?  The guests partied the night away to the sounds of a great DJ but they were real party animals. We had such a great time watching them. The rain could not stop this wedding from bring an absolute blast! Im so happy I was able to be part of it. I would not have changed a thing! Well, a clear evening would have been a good bonus =)

[singlepic id=1019 w=700 float=center]

Thank you very much to Chris, Stephanie, and Josh. It was so great working with you on your very special day. Amy Hill thank you again for the amazing pics! Don Juceam Florida’s Own Frank Sinatra is beyond amazing! He has the most amazing voice- you would think ood Ole rank was singing right infront of you. Flowers- Rick Interian and Avant Gardens. Absolutely awesome Ricki!  Rentals: Panache Classic Party Rentals and Over the Top. Individual Table Cakes from Mishas. Table Cake Plates from McCkenzie Childs.

Janet & Tony

November 14th, 2010

[monoslideshow id=56 w=820 h=300]

[singlepic id=1002 w=700 float=center]

Meet the Newlyweds, Mr, and Mrs. Tony and Janet Rivas! I have been so blessed to have the best clients, and here is yet another. It’s no secret I love love love the details, Janet does too so it was a match met in heaven. From the getting ready to the take home sweets, this bride made sure to add a unique aspect to each aspect of her wedding. Thank you very much to Alain Martinez for these great images. It was an awesome experience working along side with you on the day of the wedding. We knew it was going to be a special one, and that it was. Ray Roman from Ray Roman Films captured all of the magical moments of that day, I can’t wait to see the video!

Enjoy the pics and the details of this great wedding! Click HERE to see Alain’s Blog entry: Janet and Tony are Hitched!

[singlepic id=1001 w=700 float=center]

The bride’s overall look is such a gigantic part of the wedding day. There are times when we spend more time on her dress, hair, make up, and accessories than on the timeline of the event. This was such an easy task for Janet as she has an impeccable sense of style. Her look from her head to her feet was perfectly chosen for the overall feel of this wedding. She looked gor-geeee-ous! Wow! Thank you very much to my DIVA Gloria Pelo and her team Focus on Brides by Gloria Pelo for a fantastic job!The bridesmaids dresses were chosen by Janet after searching and searching through couture magazines. She found the perfect dress that she knew her girls would love and that reflected her personal style of course =).

[singlepic id=1000 w=700 float=center]

The ceremony was so romantic, it was held at the beautiful St. Theresa Church of the Little Flower in Coral Gables. Shortly after the couple exchanged vows, more than 260 of their closest friends and family headed to the Epic Hotel in Brickell. A special thank you to Ivette Davalos for making my job so easy. It is so wonderful working along great catering managers. They allow us to really focus on the client and all of the details of the wedding.

[singlepic id=1003 w=700 float=center]

I love when the bride and groom are not afraid of color. Janet and Tony’s theme as lush fall colors such as butter cream, espresso, mango, olive and pistachio green, yellow, and a hint of  deep red. Some may ask, how can you use so many colors within one event and still have it look elegant and classic? Easy! In the linens, use one solid color such as in this wedding,a butter creme table cloth was used to dress the table. Janet wanted the table to have more “pizzaz” so AB Cover Designers custom made this ruffle linen for her tables. It was gorgeous and it really did add that lsh factor Janet was looking for.

Using a linens with one color really balances all of the colors in the centerpiece and accents on the table.  In the centerpiece, we brought in her colors using colors the greens, mango orange, yellow, and the hint of red. Then, in your chairs, you can use mahogany as did Janet to bring that dark, romance to the ballroom. The linens had a small ribbon in espresso to tie in the color in the chairs. Charger plates are a really great way to make the table look complete. The glass chargers were a great option here as they correlated with the glass trumpet vases used in the centerpieces. Any other favors or extra decor on the table should match your overall color scheme in order to continue with the look of the table.

[singlepic id=1007 w=700 float=center]

[singlepic id=1005 w=700 float=center]

Janet’s Mom surprised the couple with this great ice sculpture that was the centerpiece of the table card table. Many times we re-use tables if they will be seen by the guests various times throughout the wedding. Not only is the place card table typically the first grande table scape the guests get to see, but it is a great way to re-use a table without spending the extra money on decor. Therefore, many times, the couple has a take home favor (typically edible) that we display on the pace card table if the guests pass this table on the way home. Mini cupcakes and sweets were placed on this table as a sweet something for guests to have as they left the wedding. So cute!

The cake is also a way to add texture and creative aspects to your wedding decor. Janet and Tony chose a simple color such as ivory for their cake however added floral appliqués to match her gown and a little bling just for some fun.

[singlepic id=1006 w=700 float=center]

A special thank you  Janet and Tony who trusted their wedding in my hands. It was such a pleasure to have worked along side them in the months leading up to the wedding and specially on the day of the wedding. A Huge thank you  to all of the vendors involved in making this wedding such a success. My Team of course Jessie and Alisha for Jackie Ohh Events – I am so blessed to have you on my team, you’re the best! Alain Martinez Photography, Ray and Jessica Roman for Ray Roman Films, Gloria Pelo, Ivette Davalos and her staff at the Epic Hotel, Ana de Castro and AB Cover Designers, Tipica Tropical Band, Miami Ice Man, and Cake Designs by Eddas.

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The Soon Mr. and Mrs. Hope

November 13th, 2010

I absolutely love this couple! I have been working with them for over a year and a half on their wedding and I cannot wait until their Spring 2011 wedding. We wish Chris the best of luck in his season and this Sunday when he takes on the Miami Dolphins. GO TITANS !!!!!!

Martha Ramirez from UDS Photo just did the most incredible, unique engagement shoot with Linda and Chris! On the same day, Ray Roman from Ray Roman Films captured the perfect footage for their Save the Date DVD. Linda and Chris have the most amazing engagement story; one of the BEST stories I have heard yet! Chris planned every single detail of the engagement so much so that he hired a professional film crew to document it. Linda and Chris had never seen the footage from that magical day, until Ray Roman took them to a private theater to view it. We cannot wait to see the Save the Date DVD and the couple are so excited to send it to their wedding guests.

[singlepic id=968 w=700 float=center]

[singlepic id=969 w=700 float=center]

[singlepic id=970 w=700 float=center]

[singlepic id=971 w=700 float=center]

[singlepic id=972 w=700 float=center]

Let’s get H.O.T.! WoooW!!!!!!!!

[singlepic id=973 w=700 float=center]

[singlepic id=974 w=700 float=center]

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Jackie Ohh Events – Finalist for 2011 Event Planner of the Year!

November 9th, 2010


Hello! It’s been a while since I have blogged. It’s bitter sweet; I have been very busy which is fantastic but I have put my brides first and updating my blog has been difficult. I am now back to my regular schedule so I am happy to saw Im catcing up on updating the blog so visit us often as I will be posting new weddings frequently. It’s with much excitement that I start back to blogging with this announcement: For the third consecutive year, I am once again a finalist for the Event Solutions 2011 Spotlight Award for Event Planner of the Year!  It has been such an honor to be amongst the best of the best planners in the industry and hopefully with YOUR help I will come home with the award this upcoming year.

On December 1st, the public voting starts and that is where YOU come in.  The expert panels have chosen the finalist and the public gets to vote for the winner. I will be posting the details and instructions on how to vote soon.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your continued support. I am humbled by the overwhelming amount of emails and congrats I have already received since the news was made public.


Jackie Ohh…

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Decor Trends with Jackie Ohh…

August 8th, 2010

[monoslideshow id=54 w=820 h=300]

I am so excited to be introducing this new feature to my blog. Decor Trends with Jackie Ohh… will reveal the most recent decor trends in the wedding and event industry.  A couple of weeks ago Avant Gardens, Parrish Designs, and Jackie Ohh… Events put together these designs to illustrate the hottest upcoming trends. Thank you to Bruce Barbaree and the Biltmore Hotel for allowing us to do our photoshoot. Enjoy!  WE hope we’ve inspired YOU.

Thank you to Martha, Janet, and Mayleen from UDS Photo for all of the time they took taking the beautiful pictures below. Thank you to Ray and Jessica Roman for Ray Roman Films for shooting the details and giving us a great reason to get this done after so many months of talking about it lol. Awesome work guys! =0)

Bright color combinations make a BOLD statement in the design and decor of your event. The modern color combo of black and white is a great palette to start with. There are endless “pop” colors you can use to make your design unique. Yellow is a huge trend in color this season. It can be paired with slate grey, lime green, fuchsia, orange, turquoise etc.. Rick Interian and his design team at Avant Gardens put together this amazing design, talk about setting a trend. He used odd shapes and various textures throughout the table to make the overall design all about the details!  All of the wire used in the design was hand-wired by one of their top designers; from the over-sized round structure to the napkin rings that can also be used as corsages, a true piece of art!! WoW WoW!!! Ricki, this is a true masterpiece and one of my favorites ever! Thank YOU.

[singlepic id=953 w=800 float=center]

[singlepic id=952 w=800 float=center]

Advice from Rick Interian: “Being in the business for 20 years, I find that every wedding is unique as each bride and groom.  Don’t be afraid to express who you are and make a statement on your special day! “

[singlepic id=954 w=800 float=center]

[singlepic id=955 w=800 float=center]

Location: Bruce’s Banyan Tree at Biltmore Hotel; Designer : Rick Interian and the Design Team at Avant Gardens; Linen Rentals: Leyani; and Furniture Rentals: Bubble Miami. Thank you all so much!

Another HOT trend this season is all about Nature. Many times, Less is truly more. “Going Green”  has been a growing trend in which couples opt to use natural elements and very little floral elements in their decor. Bringing the natural elements of earth to a grande table design is something that Kathryn Parrish for Parrish Designs mastered. It was so amazing to see Kathyrn and her Design Team putting each of these natural branches together to make this modern masterpiece. The mix between the drift wood, textured ceramic containers, butterflies, and flowers with the elaborate rosette linen is the perfect combination in making this design beautifully perfect. Thank YOU!

[singlepic id=956 w=800 float=center]

[singlepic id=958 w=800 float=center]

[singlepic id=957 w=800 float=center]

Advice from Kathryn Parrish: “This centerpiece is for the bride who wants an interesting, organic and whimsical look. Manzanita and willow braches are a common site to see at weddings, so these branches add uniqueness. In addition, the butterflies are an unexpected element of beauty and delicacy. Your guests are sure to be wowed.”

[singlepic id=959 w=800 float=center]

[singlepic id=933 w=800 float=center]

Location: Alhambra Ballroom at Biltmore Hotel; Designer : Kathryn Parrish and the Design Team at Parrish Designs; Linen and Chair Rentals: Nuage Designs. Thank you all so much!

A Note from Jackie Ohh… : You know they say, You are only as good as your team. Im the luckiest person in the world to be able to work with such great vendors. We rely on each other so much and it is not often that we take the time to thank them. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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Cristy & Danny

June 25th, 2010

[monoslideshow id=52 w=820 h=300]

Cristy and Danny are the most adorable couple! They are truly made for each other and it shows just by the way you catch them looking at each other. Every step of the planning was so much fun. Cristy, Mom, and I would talk for endless hours about everything you can imagine. Cristy and I share a common gastro-disorder which brought us even closer. We taught each other a lot about things to eat, not to eat, and secrets in how to control it.  *Room Temp Champagne! =) * Cristy, Danny, my Hubby Carlos, and I went over for dinner recently. We laughed so much with fun memories of the wedding. As vendors we typically do not get to enjoy the wedding as much as the guests do but we had a blast just watching the couple, their families, and friends party like it was 1999. Cristy and Danny, you will ALWAYS be very special to me and I will forever remember the wedding night and every moment leading up to it. Love u!

[singlepic id=885 w=415 float=left] [singlepic id=886 w=365]

The night before the wedding, Cristy, her mom, and her bridesmaids stayed in and had a slumber party. I have been in the business for a while and have had plenty of firsts, I had another one the day of this wedding. i walked into the her bridal suite and it was the first time I had ever seen the Bride and her bridesmaids munching on cookies cupckaes, brownies, and other sweets. There was not a piece of fruit in site lol. They lived it up and did it right. How Sweet it is to be So In Love =).

[singlepic id=802 w=450]

[singlepic id=798 w=310]
[singlepic id=799 w=310]
[singlepic id=803 w=310]

Mr. Danny Diaz Leyva and Mrs. Cristina Musibay Diaz

[singlepic id=800 h=365 float=left] [singlepic id=876 h=365 float=left] [singlepic id=828 h=365]

Thank you to Martha and Jesus Ramirez and christina Mendoza for UDS Photo for the fabulous pictures. The guys ROCK and I love love love you. For UDS’ post of Cristy and Danny’s wedding, please click HERE. Below are a couple of the amazing shots they got right after the ceremony.

[singlepic id=805 w=450]

[singlepic id=807 w=310]
[singlepic id=804 w=310]
[singlepic id=806 w=310]

The ceremony took place at The Church of Epiphany in the late afternoon. It was the perfect day for a wedding. Not too cold, not too hot, just perfect. After Monsignor performed the ceremony all of the guests headed out to the cocktail hour as the couple took after ceremony pictures with their bridal party and families.

[singlepic id=831 h=265 float=left] [singlepic id=830 h=265 float=left] [singlepic id=801 h=265]

Here is an overall view of the reception as it was set for dinner lighting. Any time we do color changes throughout the night, I make sure the photographers get great images of the room free of guests with the different colors we have chosen for the night.  UPLYTE did an outstanding job as always lighting the room. It was perfect; exactly what we wanted.

[singlepic id=810 w=775]

The ballroom consisted of round tables dressed in a crinkled white linen and complimented with a silver chiavari chair with a white crinkled fabric cushion. There were three different centerpieces in the room. The largest consisted of large manzanita branches with cluster of dendrobium orchids, hanging candles, and strands of crystals in an over-sized glass vase. The vase was surrounded by tons of candles. I remember my first memory of the morning of the wedding was walking towards the ballroom and hearing a power saw. I thought to myself “what is that noise”? lol It was the designers cutting the branches to fit perfectly into the vases. I love that personal touch =)

[singlepic id=814 w=300] [singlepic id=815 h=220] [singlepic id=817 w=300]
[singlepic id=816 h= 220]

The second centerpiece was a trio of white hydrangea domes sitting on glass cylinders filled with silver branches. Silver wired branches and dendrobium orchids wrapped the cylinders to give it a unique look. The base of the table was complimented with floating candles. Glass beaded charger plates were at each place setting which brought together all of the glass that we used in the room.

[singlepic id=877 w=775]

The pink, dark blush color is the first color we used as the guests walked into the ballroom. The final centerpiece design was a grande candelabra design with a mix of white flowers to create an over-sized arrangement. This table was for the head table where the Bride, Groom, and their parents were seated for dinner.

[singlepic id=811 w=300] [singlepic id=820 h=220] [singlepic id=812 w=300]
[singlepic id=822 h= 220]

Cristy and Danny had their own, private lovers lounge next to the dance floor. As they went through the night, they took some time here and there to lounge around. Always Flowers custom made these Mr and Mrs pillows for the lounge in white and silver to match the decor.

[singlepic id=825 w=775]

The tables were named after places they were planning on visiting during their honeymoon to Australia and New Zealand. The guest book was actual look books of the these countries. The guests signed throughout the pages of the books on their favorite pages.

[singlepic id=878 w=775]

They shared their first dance in a dark violet ballroom… So Romantic!

[singlepic id=832 w=775]

[singlepic id=833 w=375 float=left] [singlepic id=834 w=375]

Christy’s youngest brother is a true prodigy!! He ha such an amazing talent. He sang a beautiful song for his sister and new brother. It was so emotional! The couple dance the night away and enjoyed mini donuts as a mid night snack in between. Yummy!

[singlepic id=835 w=375 float=left] [singlepic id=836 w=375]

After Cristy changed into her “oh-so-fabulous” bridal sneakers, her and Danny cut their cake. It was so large, they needed to stand on chairs in order to cut it. It was so cute and the pics are absolutely gorgeous.

[singlepic id=887 w=775]

Here we are the fab Dream Team. From left to right: Jessica Roman for Ray Roman Films, Alicia Molina and I for Jackie Ohh…, Cristy and Danny, Martha Ramirez and Christina Mendoza for UDS Photo, Thee Ray Roman, and Jessica Rico for Jackie Ohh…. *Muah*

[singlepic id=888 w=775]

Cristy and Danny’s Winter Wedding was published in the Spring/Summer 2010 Issue of Enchanted Brides Magazine. A picture from their decor was also featured as the front page of their design and decor section.

[singlepic id=702 h=450 float=left] [singlepic id=703 h=450]

Cristy and Danny, thank you for letting me into your lives. It was a match made in heaven on many accounts. Because of your wedding, we are now great friends and I would not have it any other way. You both are very special to me. I am so glad I was able to be a part of one of the most magical days of your lives. Thank you for trusting in me and my staff. It was truly a night to remember always and forever.  Hugs and Kisses. Love u guys!

As always, I’d like to take the time to Thank Everyone who was such an intricate part of putting this wedding together. I would not be able to do what  do without the greatest vendors working with me. To the Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove staff, Jeysa Plana, and the captains, thank you so much for making sure our night was perfect. Martha and Jesus Ramirez, and Chrsitina Mendoza for UDS Photo. The pictures speak for themselves (WOW!) but equally as important, working with you is a dream! Ray and Jessica Roman for Ray Roman Films, you are on a level all on your own. Isabelle Melecio and Karen Cohen for Always Flowers, UPLYTE, AB Cover Designers, Carlos Oliva y Los Sobrinos del Jues, Rosie Cunil for Elegant Temptations, Donut Divas, all of the other vendors involved with this event, thank you so much for everything you do. As a team, we worked together to make this wedding a HUGe success.

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Pamela & Cesar

June 21st, 2010

[monoslideshow id=50 w=820 h=300]

Pamela and Cesar will always be very dear to my heart. If you were to spend 3 minutes with this couple, you would know how crazy  they are about each other. There were smiles and laughs throughout the planning, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Pamela and I had a blast planning the wedding, I will always hold those memories dear. Love you Pam!

To Rodrigo Varela and his staff, thank you so much for being so great to work with and taking these awesome pics. Amazing!!!!!!  Click HERE for Rorigo’s Post of this wedding. =)

[singlepic id=790 h=225 float=left] [singlepic id=791 h=225 float=left] [singlepic id=789 h=225]

Now, to the details of the wedding… Pamela and Cesar’s wedding rehearsal was on Thursday evening at Epiphany Catholic Church. The next evening, my staff and I were present at the Biltmore Hotel as all of their guests arrived to take shuttle busses to Fisher Island for the welcome party. One by one, they all got on the shuttles and after 45 minutes, they were off to enjoy a night on the beautiful island.  I was the last to leave and I remember being on the Ferry and rolling the window down hoping it wasn’t too cold for their outdoor reception. It was perfect weather however nothing could have prepared me for the next day’s weather surprise. Pamela walked up to me at the welcome dinner and said, “Our Univision meteorologists are saying that tomorrow will be the coldest it has been in Miami since the 60’s”. Poor thing, she was so concerned, but I simply told her not to worry; We are going to have a perfect day regardless of whatever happens with mother nature. =) We laughed and went on enjoying the the night. I was right, it was beyond PERFECTION starting with the Bride. She was absolutely stunning!

[singlepic id=752 w=300] [singlepic id=748 h=191] [singlepic id=753 w=300]
[singlepic id=749 h= 191]

[singlepic id=760 h=260 float=left] [singlepic id=758 h=260 float=left] [singlepic id=747 h=260]

I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Cesar  Conde and Mrs. Pamela Silva-Conde.

[singlepic id= 764 w=650 float=center]

[singlepic id=750 w=390 float=left] [singlepic id=751 w=390]

Although it was the coldest day in over 40 years, it didn’t stop us from having a magical wedding. Pamela took her fur, wrapped it around herself, and was ready to go. The ceremony was gorgeous. As the guests walked in, they all had on their long winter coats and fur jackets. For a minute, you had to remind yourself you were in Miami. Monsignor performed a beautiful ceremony in which many shared tears of joy and tons of smiles for the happy couple. Shortly after, the guests were on their way to the gorgeous Biltmore Hotel as the Bridal Party took pictures with the bride and groom.

[singlepic id=754 w=700 float=center]

As the guests arrived to the Biltmore Hotel they were escorted to the cocktail hour which took place in the Granada Ballroom. It was so cute; everything was in shades of soft green and bright pinks. The guests were then escorted to the Country Club Ballroom for the dinner and dancing, well the first part of the dancing at least. The ballroom was extremely elegant. Vivian Gonzalez of Vivian’s Petals knew exactly what Pamela was looking for. She wanted the ballroom to be very elegant, all in off white with hints of blush and pink. Pamela loved the idea of interchanging centerpieces. on the tables on the perimeter of the ballroom, the centerpieces consisted of monochromatic bouquets of flowers and on the tables lining the center of the room, Vivian created an eclectic design of callas, candles, and bouquets of phalaenopsis orchids. The lighting int he ballroom was a soft amber and floral patterned gobos were placed on the far sides of the room; It further enhanced the romance in the room.

[singlepic id=762 h=260 float=left] [singlepic id=767 h=260 float=left] [singlepic id=763 h=260]

[singlepic id=766 w=700 float=center]

The night was young as the guests enjoyed their 4-course meal while mingling and enjoying the tequila luge. Ice luges are such a great and fun way to bring life to the bars. Adults turn into teenagers again which enhances the entire wedding experience. Once dinner was over, Cesar got on the stage and thanked all of his guests for joining them on such a wonderful celebration. He also surprised his new wife with a 60 minute performance from her favorite artist, Willy Chirino and his orchestra. The dance floor was packed as he gave a great show. Emelio Estafan even got on stage and played the bongos for one of hits hit songs.

[singlepic id=761 h=260 float=left] [singlepic id=765 h=260 float=left] [singlepic id=755 h=260]

Once the reception was over, guests were escorted into the Danielson Gallery for an after-party to rival ALL after parties. The Vallerie Tyson Band  and  DJ Ubi Merrero rocked out on stage as the guests partied the night away. We served midnight snacks consisting of desserts on loli-pops and Cesar’s all time-favorite Sir Pizza. All in all, it was a wedding all of their friends and families would remember forever. I will always remember the smiles on their faces as my new friend’s Cesar and Pamela were beyond overjoyed with their special day.

[singlepic id=756 h=325 float=left] [singlepic id=757 h=325 float=left] [singlepic id=759 h=325]

For the privacy of the couple and the esteemed guests whom attended the wedding, there are limited pictures that I  posted. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and a glimpse in what was one of the most spectacular weddings of 2010. Click HERE to see Pamela and Cesar’s Wedding Trailer by A Pico Studio.

Pamela and Cesar’s wedding  was Published as a 6-page spread  in the May 2010 Issue of Selecta Magazine. They named the wedding, “La Boda del Ano” ,The Wedding of the Year. I couldn’t agree more! I was so excited they chose my favorite picture of Pamela for the front Cover. Congrats Lovelies. =)

[singlepic id=142 w=450]

[singlepic id=137 w=280]
[singlepic id=140 w=280]
[singlepic id=141 w=280]

[singlepic id=137 w=700 float=center]

[singlepic id=140 w=700 float=center]

[singlepic id = 141 w=700 float=center]

Pamela and Cesar, Thank you so much for allowing me to work along side you as you planned your wedding day. It was such a great experience, it hardly felt like work. Your family and friend’s are so great! Im so glad to have met them. Pamela since the moment we met, it was like I had found a long lost friend. You’re adorable and I love you! To all of the vendors who worked so hard to make this day so magical, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. To Fransesca Diego, Bruce Barabree, Deborah Howard, Alex, Luis, and Luisandro from the Biltmore Hotel, Rodrigo Varela for Rodrigo Varela Photography, Armando Pico for A Pico StudioAna Paz Cakes, DJ Ubi Merrero, Vivian Gonzalez of Vivian’sPetals, Willy Chirino and his orchestra, Jenny and Omar for EventUS, Vallerie Tyson and her Band, Color Me Photo, and the greatest Sir Pizza Delivery man, thank you thank you thank you. =) Last but NOT least to Alicia and Jessie from Jackie Ohh… My Girls – I don’t even know how to tell you how much I love you =).

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